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Saturday, September 02, 2006


Well, folks, it's here. The 2006 season. And the best part about today, the "day before"? Everything is still possible.

All those dreams of a National Championship and undefeated season, Big 10 titles and BCS games. All seem within reach. All so tantilizingly attainable.

It truly is Christmas Eve for college football fans.

So what am I expecting tomorrow? What am I hoping for as the Maize and Blue begin their quest that is the 2006 season?

For me, it's a defense that plays hard and aggressive for all four quarters. It's a running game that takes pressure off our passing game. It's imaginative play calling. It's stepping on the jugular when a team is there for the taking. It's a Michigan team hungry, hungry to prove that last season was a mistake. A blip. An abberation. It's a Michigan team looking to prove something, not to us, the fans or static noise of the blogosphere, but to themselves. That they're better than last season.

It's a team looking to show the college football world that Michigan, the winningest program in the history of college football, is back. And anybody who doubts it, doubts at their own peril.

Thanks for reading the entire off season. We sincerely appreciate it.

Now let's play some football.

Go Blue!


Boomer Bear said...

15 Days till' ND-Michigan! GO IRISH!

"The Bear"

cottoncandy said...

I look for Michigan to have a rejuvenated year, along the lines of PSU last year, except Michigan never got as far down as PSU. New defensive blood should help. Last year Mich had minor breakdowns at opportune times. Look for them not to happen this year. Expect Crable, Henne and Hart to have huge years.

Turfman said...

It's all fun and games till the Wolverines play the Irish!

Scott Boswell said...

We will stagger tOSU down in Austin, but y'all have to deliver the knockout punch this time Yost...

WhiteDawg said...

Good luck to all you Michigan faithful. Wouldn't mind Michigan to go undefeated, that is until the OSU game..Again good luck and lets hope the game lives up to expectations like it did last year, regardless the outcome.

Behind Enemy Lines said...

Cannot wait for this season to start! I believe the last time Michigan had an abysmal season the next year they came out and won the National Championship. End of season prediction...Michigan #1...Notre Dame #24.

Boomer Bear said...

Behing Enemy Lines,

You are a nut! :) 24-1 will be the ratio that Notre Dame outscores the wolves... Notre Dame 72-3 over Mich (we'll give you a field goal to keep Vegas happy!)

"The Bear"

Behind Enemy Lines said...

Your prediction is as weak as Notre Dame's defense. I predict a much closer game. I see ND coming out right away and scoring a TD. I see them being up a half time 10-7. But then I see Michigan really start attacking on defense and creating some turnovers. Mike Hart pounds in 2 TD's late and Michigan takes the contest 21-17. GO BLUE!

Allaha said...

At this time of year where hope springs eternal, I hope the fates do what the ADs will not: schedule UM-Texas, this time for the MNC. At the least, let's each whip tOSU.

Good luck, Michigan.

Boomer Bear said...

Behind Enemy Lines,

Serious Predictions huh? Ok.. I will stick with this:

Notre Dame 34
Michigan 14

"The Bear"

cottoncandy said...

Notre Dame beats Michigan this season, given ND's horrible defense and Michigan's retooled defense, and Wake Forest wins the NC.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of ND, did anyone listen to the "Herd". Beano Cook denied being a ND homer. He went as far to say he does not like ND, but he respects them. What a load of horse shit!

Beban said...

With all this ND talk, I can't believe you guys are overlooking Vandy.

Yes, I'm kidding.

srudoff said...

GREAAAAAAT first half!!!!!