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Monday, September 11, 2006

Felony Schmelony, What's His 40 Time?

Buckeye fans often complain about the number of less-than-flaterring Ohio State articles on this site. But when we're sent stories like this one from last Friday's Washington Post, what are we supposed to do?

The story linked above tells the heartwarming tale of local prep football star Pat Lazear. He's leading Wheaton High School to gridiron glory despite the fact that he has two felony charges hanging over his head stemming from an incident five months ago when he allegedly drove the getaway car in a felony robbery.

His former school, forced him to finish his junior year at home so he transferred to Wheaton. But that didn't stop his teammates from voting him team captain, even though he's forced to wear a black ankle monitor so the Maryland judicial system can track his whereabouts.

So what does this have to do with Ohio State? Well, to quote from the Washington Post article:

"After his arrest, Lazear said he worried that colleges would rescind scholarship offers. North Carolina State stopped its recruitment, Lazear said, and a Notre Dame coach visited Whitman to tell him the school would no longer pursue him. But Lazear still receives frequent text messages from coaches at Alabama and Ohio State among others"

Boy, when Chuck Amato and NC State say, "No thanks," it must be pretty bad. But not Tressel and the Bucks, who look to be the front runners based on...

"The judge will allow Lazear to visit Ohio State in early October, so long as a parent stays with him at all times, because he is also attending a family function. Although Paul Kemp, Lazear's attorney, told Dugan in court that he doesn't anticipate requesting any other college trips, Lazear said otherwise. "I might take some of my official trips," Lazear said, "like just as vacations."

So that's why we keep putting up Ohio State stuff. They make it too damn easy.

Thanks to the numerous readers who sent us this link.


Anonymous said...

Boy, they sure do make it easy! LMAO!

Anonymous said...

It's ok. If he stays clean for a year, Brent Musberger will drool all over him just like he did with Troy Smith during the Texas game.

Troy Smith ia a hell of a player, and probably deserves to be the Heisman frontrunner right now. But, he's only been clean for about a year. I got pretty tired of Musberger talking over and over about how he's a changed man, and how he's an outstanding role model for young quarterbacks now.

I think he jumped the gun a little bit with those comments.

Turf said...

Wherever this kid enrolls will be the immediate frontrunner for the Fulmer Cup.

Anonymous said...

troy was a dealer a year or two ago. he'd smoke people up at his apt on morse...of course he is clean now.

Nitric Oxide said...

C'mon guys....everybody needs a second chance. And if this guy doesnt make it to a good football school, his life (not just career) would be in jeopardy.

Maybe we should give Tressel a pat on the back to give life back to this kid. At least for trying.

Anonymous said...

I didnt see anything in the article saying the kid was *convicted* of anything. Nothing here to see but hand-wringing and gnashing of teeth by Buckeye haters.

surrounded in columbus said...

From the Post article:

"Lazear anticipates going to trial in November, but Kemp, who once defended boxer Mike Tyson, said a plea agreement is possible."

did anyone else wonder how a teenager, who robs a smoothie shop, came up w/the cash to have one of mike tyson's former defense lawyers represent him in this?

srudoff said...

oh i'm sure the buckeyes are paying for his lawyer - that almost goes without saying...

personally i don't know the extent of the text messaging from Buckeye coaches. hopefully it's minimal.

Two things do disturb me greatly though...

1. the kid's total lack of remorse and 2. how every adult (coach, lawyer, parents, etc) is making every excuse in the book for this kid. some of the things they've said just blow me away

guthrie said...

He hasn't been convicted of anything? Oh, maybe you didn't read page one of the article. Here it is for you.

"The judge referenced Lazear's previous offense -- the use of a stolen credit card to buy a $130 pair of sneakers in November 2004 -- and the ensuing 90 days of court supervision."

So actually, yeah the kid does have a record already.

Yost said...


Totally agree with you. Forget everything else, and the kid almost feels like he's entitled to get off b/c he's a good football player.

This is the sort of kid who will end up right back in this sort of situation again.

Anonymous said...

OSU will not accept a commitment from Lazear were he to try. That's not speculation, either.

Hopefully you guys can beat ND this weekend for the sake of CFB... and then be able to focus on your team for once.

surrounded in columbus said...

i don't think tosu pays legal fees until after they've committed. i suppose they could be splitting the bill w/ the 'Bama boosters, though.

i'd guess some would be agent is fronting the cash on the chance the kid will eventually sign w/ him.

that aside, your two points are dead on. not only is he completely unapologetic, but no one seems to even bother to suggest he's innocent. the whole discussion focuses on "getting past" this incident.

pretty sad.

DevilGrad said...

surrounded in columbus said...
From the Post article:

"Lazear anticipates going to trial in November, but Kemp, who once defended boxer Mike Tyson, said a plea agreement is possible."

did anyone else wonder how a teenager, who robs a smoothie shop, came up w/the cash to have one of mike tyson's former defense lawyers represent him in this?

September 11, 2006 2:48 PM


There's plenty to loathe about this situation, but that's probably legit. Lazear's family lives in the western portion of Bethesda, where single family homes routinely sell for a million or more. (Folks there pay $650K - $700K for bungalows just to tear them down and get the lot.)

Whitman is one of the nation's best public high schools, and all of these kids are from affluent homes. In a way, that makes this all the more puzzling. If the allegations are true, the kids committed this robbery solely for the thrill; they didn't need the cash.

surrounded in columbus said...

you have a point, but there is a passage in the story where his mother talks about how football is for her son to go to college for free.

top flight miami vice lawyers don't come cheap, and what this guy might be charging the equivalent to a year's tuition. it just sounded inconsistent.