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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Facebook to open its site, making it easier for older guys to still troll for college chicks

(from MZone wire reports) Ann Arbor, MI -- In a move that brought cheers here at the MZone offices, Facebook, an online community now restricted to mostly high school and college students, will soon open its site to the Internet at large.

"Sweeeet!" said an obviously overjoyed Yost, co-editor of the MZone. "Lately, it's gotten so much harder to score with college girls. At the bar, when I say I'm a junior in college and the girl I'm talking to gives me this weird look and asks, 'What year did you graduate from high school?' I always seem to fuck up on the math. Busted, you know? But hopefully with the new Facebook, I won't have that problem."

Benny, the MZone's other co-editor agreed with his colleague and added, "Now I don't have to pay my alumni association dues just to try to get an .edu email address and pose as a grad student. This will make things much easier. Plus, when these college babes find out I'm a blogger - Double Score!"


Anonymous said...

What?! I always imagined the MZone like the Entourage house. Benny and Yost cycling women through the house, discussing their three ways, and smoking a lot of weed. That's why they answer emails at 1:30 AM.

Please don't ruin my fantasy.

rr said...

I am a student from Israel but can't register in facebook may anyone invite me

Please send to ganor80@yahoo.com