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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Eight Days A Week

There was a college game on ESPN last night. You don't have to check your calendars - it was Tuesday. I think we've all gotten used to the Thursday night game. They started several years ago as a way for MAC teams to get some publicity. And Louisville. I swear they played half their games on Thursday night. And with their high current ranking, I guess it worked.

But then the games creeped into Friday which has always been the domain of high school football. Though I often pass a lonely Friday night by watching teams like UTEP, Houston, and Tulsa, it just doesn't feel right.

Now there are games on Tuesdays. Sure, it was only a Conference USA game, but how much longer until marquee games are played on Tuesday? Those Thursday games featuring MAC teams have morphed into SEC conference games. #2 ranked Auburn is playing this Thursday night. Why does Auburn have to play on a Thursday?

So not only do the weekday games leave a bad taste in my mouth, but they have to be murder on the tailgating which is as much a part of college football as fight songs and stopping the clock on first downs. Having games on Tuesdays and Thursdays just help turn the college game into just another sporting event, much like a regular season NBA or major league baseball game. Is that what we want?


Anonymous said...

No. That's not what we want. It's a shame - moving quickly toward a tragedy.

Will Collier said...

"Why does Auburn have to play on a Thursday?"

Because it's South Carolina's home game, and the only way they'll get to be on national TV this year is (a) playing at Florida and (b) playing on Thursdays. (Yes, I know their Georgia game was televised. Shut up.)

Not that I'm happy about it or anything; Columbia is a fun road trip, but the Thursday kick screwed up my plans to go to the game.

VictoryCabal said...

I disagree. Thursday night games are great.

When I was a student at VT (class of '97-ish), we looked forward to Thursday night games the most. They were the most fun, the crowds were the most excited.

Despite your claim that Thursdays are murder on tailgates, they actually provide more tailgating time than a Saturday noon kickoff. People start bailing on classes about noon (if not earlier), fans roll in all day long, and the tailgates keep growing and growing all the way to kickoff.

In my early days as a Hokie, VT would play on any day that would put us on TV, and have played on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Sundays, etc. etc. Since then, they've crawled their way up to a top national program, but still schedule two Thursdays a year, just because the fans love them so much.

It's too bad Michigan won't play a game that isn't a 12:00 or 3:30 Saturday kickoff, you don't know what you're missing.

prayin' for swayin' said...

There were Thursday games long before there was ESPN, or even TV. Clemson and South Carolina played their first game against each other on a Thursday in 1896. This was in Columbia and I believe was held during the time the State Fair was in town. "Big Thursday" continued for several years (all games played in Columbia) and was the only Thursday game in the country. The last "Big Thursday" was played in 1959 to accomodate moving to a more fair home & home schedule (at Frank Howard's request) thus forcing a move to Saturday. (Clemson or other USC fans, correct me if I'm inaccurate on this info). As for the Allbarn fan Will who thinks the AU-USC game is on Thursday because it's South Carolina's only times to be on Nat'l TV- SC can only accept the offer to play on Thursday from ESPN- they don't dictate it to ESPN.

prayin' for swayin' said...

But to finish, I certainly agree Tuesday and Friday nights should nto be normally scheudled times for college football games.

Anonymous said...

I also fall into the group that likes the ONE Thursday game. I find it to be a good appetizer for the upcoming weekend and gives me a chance to see teams I wouldn't otherwise see.

But Tuesday is going too far!! I can't imagine playing a game on Saturday and turn around 3 days later and play another.

But I have to admit that was weird seeing football on TV last night. I thought I hit ESPN Classic for a minute and then saw the teams and realized it was a live game, essentially between two junior colleges. I hope this trend doesn't catch on...

Richard Cranium said...

Hell have one everyday of the week. Tailgating is still going to go on strong and people always need an excuse to leave work/school early in order to go and drink the night away.

Anonymous said...

How can you get tired of watching too much college football?I think it is great to be able to see some of the other schools/conferences like Southern Miss,Mac,Mountain West.Especially when you are watching the other games on Saturday.That exposure is one of the reasons that Schools like Louisville and VA Tech have improved their programs.By the way being a TOSU Alum,I have to admit with great trepidation that this is now my favorite web site. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Clemson and South Carolina played their first game against each other on a Thursday in 1896.

I'll bet the cheerleaders for that game were hotter than last weeks Michigan cheerleaders.

tom foolery said...

i like it because it gives me another chance to bet. i say "well, im anxious to bet- and theres only one line on tonight- so i guess ill take that one".

its made me into a very rich man (well, not that rich.)

OCBlue said...

Couldn't agree more.
The thing that makes college football and pro football for that matter, superior to all the other sports is the limitation and predictability of the schedule...Friday night high school, Sat. college and Sunday Pro.
A smattering of special occasion games that are also prdictable is great...Thanksgiving, Monday Night Football and ONE Thursday night appetizer. Any more will ruin the sport until it becomes the mess that is college baketball, where ESPN ads used to have to attempt to brainwash the public by telling us that "every game mattered"

Anonymous said...

As a college football fan, I don't have any problem with getting to watch more games by having them spread out through the week. I'm just glad it's not schools that I care about playing on non-Saturdays.

To the Hokie fan that said how fun tailgating was on a Thursday night as a student...what about after graduation? Say you move to California but like to make it back for a game or two. Sucks if the game you want to attend is on one a Thursday night.

I'm glad Michigan doesn't play on any day other than Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Yep - an explicit Louisville strategy. If nobody will put you on tv on Saturday, play on Thursday, or Wednesday, or the moon. Tell recruits "see, we'll get you on TV". Leverage some basketball travel games into home-and-homes with a Florida State here and a Miami there. (Get unbelievably lucky when you're forced to swap in former John L Smith assistant Petrino for JLS himself.) Pretty soon, they'll just be playing on Saturdays. Worked pretty well.

(But Fridays - that's just wrong)

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

does suck for tailgating...and for post-parties. a 7:30 game doesn't end until 11ish and with an 8am class the next morning, you're going to have to power through a helluva hangover or just not live it up.

The Dish

Anonymous said...

are people really complaining about having too much football on TV? amazing. heck, i'm dissapointed when they don't televise the NFLE games!

the more the merrier imo.

Go Wolf Pack
Beat the Rebels!

Anonymous said...

that BBQ Hitch is an awesome idea.

JD said...

Are the EDSBS folks behind this?

Nick said...

You know, I've been trying to force myself to find things I like about Lloyd Carr over the course of this season. I've found a few; he graduates his players, runs an incredibly clean program, and makes sideline reporters look like fools for asking idiotic questions. After reading this, I've thought of another. As long as he is the coach, Michigan will NEVER play a regular season game on any day other than Saturday. Hell, he gets crotchety when they have to play a night game against the Gophers because 24 teams use the same stadium.

Also, there can be too much college football on TV. Any game aired on a day that isn't Thursday or Saturday is too much. If I wanted to watch Northern Louisiana Tech A&M play the Southeastern Mississippi State School for the deaf, I'd buy gameplan.

VictoryCabal said...

anonymous wrote:
To the Hokie fan that said how fun tailgating was on a Thursday night as a student...what about after graduation? Say you move to California but like to make it back for a game or two. Sucks if the game you want to attend is on one a Thursday night.

It's still just as good. I live in Michigan now, and that didn't stop me from going to Blacksburg last year for the Thursday night game against Boston College. Flex some time at work, fly out Thursday morning, fly back Friday morning.

There sure are a lot of crybabies on this board: "I've got work, the games are too late, having fun is inconvient, there's too much football on TV!"

*shakes head in disbelief*

Anonymous said...

College football belongs on Saturdays -- pure and simple!! A few games on special nights/holidays is fine, including the new tradition on Thursdays -- but enough is enough. Let's not have overkill and take the thrill out of my beloved fall Saturdays!