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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Drew Sharp Watch: Genius Strikes Again

On August 9th, we promised we'd keep track of Detroit Free Press columnist Drew Sharp in order to see how long it takes him to write a positive piece about Michigan football.

Unsurprisingly, he started out 0 for 1 with his first column of the season.

After his Saturday piece, make it 0 for 2.

In it, Sharp makes the assertion that Pete Carroll's recent success at USC has somehow made things "at traditional powers such as Michigan, Miami (Fla.) and Tennessee" seem more disappointing. Uh, Drew, compared to Carroll's recent run, just about all other programs in the country, save probably Texas, pale in comparison.

Following that burst of insight, Sharp goes on to showcase his razor "sharp" wit and comedic genius with his "Great Boodini" picks, his weekly predictions for the day's college football games. For the Michigan-Vandy game he writes...

Vanderbilt (plus-26) at Michigan: How tough have things gotten for Carr recently? Critics have demanded that he officially change the spelling of his first name to L-L-O-Y because, lately, you can always count on two L's and no D with the Wolverines. Pick: Michigan.

Gee, that's original. Did Sharp steal that "joke" and spelling of Lloyd's name off, oh...every Ohio State message board in the country? Stop, my side hurts.

Look, it's already a fact that, like the sun setting each night, Sharp is going to rip on Michigan. But can he at least try to be clever about it? And if he can't do that, since he's already proven himself about as funny as a bowel movement judging from the snippet above (and just about all his other articles), maybe he should at least start swiping anti-Michigan material from anti-Michigan sites that have a sense of humor like Men of the Scarlet and Gray (watch out guys, that border thing you did was great).

Thus, for those of you keeping score at home, here's the latest update:


Articles about Michigan football and/or Lloyd Carr - 2

Negative - 2
Positive - 0


srudoff said...

wait, a site that runs the buckstache and clarett bits into the ground long after they've jumped the shark, is now complaining about someone using the L-L-O-Y spelling for Carr???

give me a second while I look up Irony again to make sure we're on the same page

surrounded in columbus said...

while you're looking up "irony", try looking up "jumped the shark"-


Sharp is just a bad writer. he has no real style of his own, and he tries to cover his lack of talent by being nasty or sarcastic. if you read the "good" things he says about people, they're not original or insightful either.
i still think we're better off w/ his bias against michigan- his compliments/support would be embarrassing.

srudoff said...

ummm I know what Jumping the Shark means and used it correctly. Both "jokes" are no longer funny (buckstache actually never was funny - the concept was funny but the name they chose to give it ruined the joke)

surrounded in columbus said...

"JTS" means when a series is out of new ideas that our consistent w/ the shows' original focus/audience. Happy Days was about teenagers coming of age in milwaukee in the '50's- Fonzy going to hollywood and performing stunts had nothing to do w/ the shows' original story line- which had run dry.

making fun of maurice clarett, obnoxious tosu fans, and other pokes at the buckeye nation are a main stay of what these guys post on this site. the buckstache schtick (which has gained national, albeit underground notice)and maurice clarett stories are merely recurring stories, most often spurred by NEW developments on the existing story line. everytime a new tosu sex offender makes the news, or clarett gets arrested w/ a different lint roller, it's a new story.

YOU might be tired of hearing about maurice, or you may have never thought the buckstache thing was all that funny, but neither of those gags are straying from the original focus of the posts, or some tangent into a new direction.

now, as for what "irony" means...

BaggyPantsDevil said...

Drew Sharp—and his non-stop complaining—is a big reason why I went searching for blogs about college football to read. There just wasn’t much good writing about Michigan football in the media. So the flip side to Drew Sharp being such a crappy writer is that more folks are reading blogs. Keep up the great work Drew!