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Thursday, September 07, 2006

CSI: Jenn Sterger

Talk about bad luck.

By now, college football fans across the country -- nay, citizens around the world -- know the story of Jenn Sterger, the FSU Cowgirl. She was on her way to the 2005 Florida State-Miami game when, as she says, "Some drunken idiot spilled beer on my shirt while I was in the village (a place we all tailgate), and I was like… fu*k it! I just threw on my bathing suit top, and took one for the team ;) . I was not about to miss this game."

Well, after seeing what she wore to the Florida State-Miami on Monday, we can only assume the diabolical gods of football fashion are out to smite this poor girl. Because judging from the photo below, some drunken idiot must have attacked the front of her top with a pair of scissors this year.

Holy Mother of Bowden!

What are the odds of something like this happening two years in a row?! It's almost mind boggling.

As of this writing, no word yet on what caused her Cowgirl co-hort to be forced to wear her gold sequined bra top. Needless to say, we can't wait to hear this one.

Leave us your theories on what pre-game fashion tragedy befell Sterger and friend this year.

(Thanks to the reader who sent us the link to this pic in the comments section of our FSU post Tuesday)

UPDATE: It's even worse than we thought for Sterger! A reader sent us the link for the picture below. Apparently the bastard with the beer found her again this year after the first picture was taken! Whew, thank goodness he only spilled it on the bottom of the top she was wearing.


Anonymous said...

Amazing how things can improve after a minor (halftime?) adjustment:

Did #17 bring scissors or beer to facilitate the change?

Can't we get Jenn one of Janet Jackson's outfits?

Yost said...

Thanks, Anon! Just updated the post.

Anonymous said...

Jenn and friends look a little rougher this year. My prediction - she will need more "work" done to stay popular in the future. She may be the female John Blutarsky - 7 years of college down the drain.

Anonymous said...

Something to remember. No matter how good looking they are, someone is tired of fucking them.

Andy said...

Check out the next photo in the gallery (6 of 16)... Nuetron Man II ??

ShaunTX said...

If your ridicule and jokes cause her to wear more clothes to football games I will hate you with the heat of a thousand suns and declare a jihad on your ass.

Chris C said...

Did you all notice the "Buckstash" on the Nuetron Man II?

Does this mean that the next published photo of him will be a police photo?

Todd Jones said...

shauntx- the cowgirls are starting to show some flab, it would probably do more for their sex appeal to cover up a little more.

Yost said...

lol, shauntx.

todd, totally agree. The middle one even seems to be resting a little tummy role on the railing. Not good.

CaliGirl said...

Wasn't it raining during that game? Maybe the water made their shirts(and apparently bras) shrink.

WillinSacto said...

I see nothing wrong with the FSU Cowgirls. Wish we could see more of them (tongue in cheek).

Anonymous said...

her outfits were planned this year, but yes, everything that happened at the UM game last year was real, that's why she only wore a regular bikini top to the game last year, if you have neverbeen to a game in Tally in Sept, you have no idea how hot and humid itgets in September, even at night, a lot og girls wear bikini tops to the games, but how would you guys know, that would involve actually doing some research instead of posting shit like this...oh well, I was at the game and know firsthand these pics dont do them justice, especialy after being out in the heat and rain all day long...and no, the girl in the middle is fit as hell and not fat in anyway, its the angle that caused her to photo like that...dont believe me? Do a little research, dind out who is is and search for yourself...I'd love to see what some of you would have looked like after a game in those conditions...ya, Jenn's a friend of the Seminole Nation and we will always back her 100%...

Good luck this year, Michigan Fans, we Seminoles look forward to seeing you play once again in the annual Nothing Bowl...

Anonymous said...

After their Miami stop at the pink pussycat, they rushed to the orange bowl to show their spirit. Did Hard, Just Die Hard!

Marcoux said...

If only you knew how many girls in the stands of Doak wear revealing clothes for the games! This show of assets is so unsurprising in Tally. Our games are huge social events, one of the main reasons why our student section is half empty before the third quarter gets under way. Many girls take games as an opportunity to show their shit off. I, for one, am 100% all for it, and cheer these girls for giving us FSU fans something to look at. We sure as hell don't want to look at our offense.

I'll go ahead and add my name on the list of those disappointed in the new Cowgirls. They had a contest at a bar in Tally and those 2 are the best they could come up with? I already miss Fabi and her drop-dead gorgeous self.

Tanya said...

Ok...I will put this all to rest! I am an FSU grad...a chick..oh yes I am hot... I went to games in mini skirts and cute shirts...but none as revealing as miss. S. Box patrons wouldn't be happy... Bobby Bowden refused to comment about her and her antics... Plus she is a totall hex on FSU!

I am currently at USF for grad school...and guess who the hell I saw at a Bulls game...Yeah this traitor... she is bad luck for whoever she is advocating for... The nole nation doesn't like her...maybe girls who wanna be her and guys that wanna do her...but she is nobody.. obviously she hasn't been noticed by Hollywood...she is just an internet chick who likes attention..