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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Basking II: Electric Boogaloo

We know, we know. Yesterday we said that was going to be our post on the ND game. But you guys keep sending us such good stuff, we must pass these on.

* First up, while this guy's on-screen personality makes Brent Musberger look like a speed freak, his do-it-yourself video analysis of the Michigan-Notre Dame game is very good. (HT: DW)

* Yesterday, we put up a great pic of the new-look Golden Dome on the ND campus. We didn't know who did the original until we got an email from Peabody over at Michigan Against the World. Check out his site. He also did this danday of how Touchdown Jesus should look now...

* On Michigan's Scout board, somebody put up this post on the passing of an Irish legend: Charlie Weis' Sanctity (HT: LM)

* Another clever "news report" explaining how ND is now a "shoo in" for a BCS berth...because they lost! (HT: LM, DW)

* Brian at MGoBlog does his usual top notch job of breaking down the game in detail (and we mean really, really, really, really breaking down the game).

* For those of you looking for new screensaver or wallpaper pix, might we suggest the following...

(HT: JK, RW)

* Finally, a YouTube clip that will make you wish you were there...


Anonymous said...

What ever happened to "act like you've been there before?" As much as I enjoyed seeing Notre Dame getting stomped...by anyone...you guys are starting so look and sound as if you are a 1AA team getting its first win over a 1A opponent. Have some dignity please.

harry hasselhoff said...

Oh, c'mon Anon, loosen up. It continues to be so much fun because Michigan dropped a nuke square on the head of the national media's ND-Quinn fellatio machine.

BTW, the Charlie Weis' Sanctity obit was originally posted on ESPN.com's Page 2.

Richard Cranium said...

Sing on Michigan even though I went back to hating you right after you destroyed the Media's "Charlie Fellatio" stories, I am still happy with the fact it has been done. Go Buckeyes!!!

Behind Enemy Lines said...

Call it what you want, but from where I am sitting it looks as though there may be a fire lit not only in the bellies of the Michigan players but the fans as well. Been awhile since I've seen that.

The King said...

Anon, you're an idiot.

Realistic said...

Yeah, Anon - UM fans singing how great it is to be a Wolverine is not acting like you been there before, but lighting fires in Columbus is?

Anonymous said...

That song sucks. It doesn't even mention Ohio State. You can't have a good post-game cheer without whining about a team you didn't play that day. You just can't.

surrounded in columbus said...

George Carlin used to have a bit in his stand up loosely themed "you're the only good driver on the road". basically, he pointed out how each of us thought we were the only person going the right speed- everyone else was too fast or too slow. like much of his humor, it focused on our individual conceit and lack of self awareness.

same applies for fan blogs i suppose. tosu and other non michigan fans have lit the board up over the last month pissing & moaning how the michigan football blog never printed enough about michigan football. too much on buckstache, or clarett, or bomar, or etc.,

now we beat ND and spend the first half of the week talking about michigan football's big win. big change of pace- 75% of the traffic talking about the D, 86=1, Quinn's a pussy, etc.

so, what do you hear? pats on the back for focusing on football? of course not. now you get told that you're talking too much about michigan football. we're running the "we beat ND" theme into the ground.

the long & short of it is that other fans don't want to talk about off the field issues that don't present their team favorably, and they don't want to talk about on the field performance that does present our team favorably.

personally, i'll never get tired of talking about last saturday-, and shall always find any tosu negative news story hilarious. if others aren't so entertained, that's their problem.

Yost said...

LOL, SiC. We do all football and still get criticized. Can't win.

Cool Hand Mike said...

That game had a lot of people in Alabama asking," When does Michigan play Ohio State?"

-Jesus was Rockne's copilot-

BaggyPantsDevil said...

You nailed it Surrounded. To paraphrase Mitch Hedberg, "You can't please all the people all the time and all those people read this blog."


Dammit, Lloyd Carr got outcoached again. He fell into Charlie Weis's perfect plan to get Notre Dame into a BCS bowl. Why didn't we see that one coming?

Oh, I thought the analysis over at the Extra Point was excellent, although--like most Notre Dame analysis this week--it seems to focus more on we suck because Ty Willingham screwed us over instead of "Sweet Baby Jesus Michigan's defense was merciless."

I guess I'm biased, too.

TitleIX said...

Amen Surrounded!

I have it on good authority that the boys in blue are VERY focused this week in practice and are starting to believe that they have a chance to win it all. Not cocky, just aware of their opportunity and focused in.
I think 'we' are going to stomp some badger ass this weekend.

And...an update from A2: Sunny, low clouds, 56 or so degrees, slight breeze from the West---just enough to allow the sounds of the band practicing at Elbel to waft across my neighborhood.....

Peabody said...

Thanks for the link fellas. As always awesome job with the site.

Yost said...

More than welcome, Peabody. Great work!

Anonymous said...

ANON in CBUS!!! Are you retarded? Oh We have no dignity, throwing beer bottles and dropping F-BOMBS is winning with dignity? Your just pissed because your double was torched after the Texas win.

Anonymous said...

ANON in CBUS!!! Are you retarded? Oh We have no dignity, throwing beer bottles and dropping F-BOMBS is winning with dignity? Your just pissed because your doublewide was torched after the Texas win.