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Friday, September 15, 2006


Earlier this week, we put up a post about Michigan's 29-27 loss to Notre Dame in 1980 on Harry Oliver's 51 field goal as time expired. The YouTube clip we used in that post had the Irish announcer making the call.

Well, for those of you old enough to remember the late, great Bob Ufer -- the voice of Meeeechigan football -- here is his call of that fateful play. He was so disappointed, he couldn't even get the score right after the ball just cleared the crossbar.

While the game was a loss, hearing Ufer again brings a smile to my face, thinking back to all the Saturdays of my youth spent listening to him.

God bless his cotton pickin' maize and blue heart!

Big thanks to MZone reader Mike and Chris for sending us the Ufer audio.


Howard21 said...

I was too young to hear Ufer but I only wish that he was still on the radio from all of the things that people say about him. I wonder what I'll tell my kids about the great announcers of my day. even though they dont compete with the ones of the glory days of radio (when it was the only form of media)

Yost said...

He was one of a kind, H21.

Andy said...

I was 13 at the time. I remember that game like it was yesterday.

I grew up in SW Michigan, very close to the Notre Dame campus. That winter, the KofC put on a charity basketball game with ND football players in our high school gym. Harry Oliver was one of the ND players that showed up. After the game they all lined up, shook hands, and gave autographs to the crowd.

I refused to shake Harry Oliver's hand.

Anonymous said...

I listened to Ufer when I was young (in the 50s). He was MICHIGAN FOOTBALL. "...their dobbers are down..." (whatever their dobbers were)

It is hard to believe that it is 25 years since he left us to join with Fielding Yost and the rest of the Michigan heroes.

I was at that game in South Bend, and the thing I remember the most was the horse sh*t pass interference call that set up the field goal. Without that call, Michigan wins.

ferenc said...

A Maize 'n Blue heart doesn't pick cotton...it drinks the finest red wine from the vineyards of the Rothschild family. Go bleu!

Theri Maa, Bhanchod! said...

The more I think about it, the more I think Michigan needs to get in touch w/ Optimus Prime. Only he can unlock the Autobot Matrix of Leadership and light our darkest hour, and prevent ND chaos from getting out of hand. Optimus always had the answers.

Chris of Dangerous Logic said...

I'm glad I was able to scrounge up a tape deck and get the thing to talk to my PC.

Can you imagine Ufer calling any of the following?
o Rocket's TWO kick returns in '89?
o The penalty-that-wasn't on the final two-point conversion against MSU in '90?
o Desmond's nail-in-the-coffin in the '91 fND game? His punt return against OSU?
o Hamilton's FG against fND in '94?
o Stewart-to-Westbrook?
o Mercury Hayes' winner in the '95 UVA game?
o Scott Driesbach's 70+ yard run against Illinois in '96?
o Charles Woodson's impossible interception, or HIS punt return against OSU?
o The end of the '98 Rose Bowl?
o Spartan Bob's extra second?
o Bama's missed OT PAT in the '01(?) Orange Bowl?
o The entire last hour of the '04 MSU game?
o The final minute of just about every game last year?

and a host of others I can't think of at the moment?

Anonymous said...

I was born in Detroit and moved to Fla when I was 8 (1982). That is about the time I was getting into sports. My dad gave me the Ufer of Michigan records. I know them by heart. I know more about Michigan Football from '68 -'82 than I know about my beloved Gators (for that time period). I think we have a good one in Mic Hubert but NOBODY holds a candle to Ufer.

TitleIX said...

your thoughts of Ufer calling those moments warms my heart and makes my spine tingle...

I VIVIDLY recall being somewhere under 10 yrs of age, in the basement, in the crawl space with my dad working on something or another. My job was to hold the flashlight, and make sure that the radio worked so we could hear AC's winning TD from Johnny Wangler (HONK HONK HONK HONK)

and BONK went our heads on the crawl space ceiling as we celebrated.


oh---and if I ever meet Chip Lohmiller, FORGET not shaking his hand, Andy, I'm pullin' a Tonya Harding on his ass.....