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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


A 74 year old woman in Columbus might lose her long-time vanity license plate because the state of Ohio now claims it's obscene. Pat Niple (no, that's not the license in question and it's pronounced Ny-pull) has had the letters N-W-T-F which she says is short for "Northwood Tree Farm," a Christmas tree business she and her late husband owned.

But the woman was told that the letters are an abbreviation for "Now what the fuck" and thus the license plate is obscene.

Niple plans to appeal and has tempory tags in the meantime. Shown below, her temp plates are considered less offensive as they display the official state greeting of Ohio.


Ashutosh said...

I have a friend who graduated from Michigan that resided in Cincinnati for a few years...as a result he had to get Ohio plates for his car. He applied for a vanity plate that read "IH8 OSU." The state denied his request stating that it was a threat to public safety.

Anonymous said...

I love this blog, and am posting after weeks of lurking!

I'm a U-M alum living in Columbus who at first used to respect OSU's consistently strong teams (having previously lived in Ohio) and with time and first-hand exposure to OSU fans has grown to loathe the Buckstaches and all things related to An Ohio State University.

Anyways - to get to the point... to be fair... in the Columbus Dispatch a few weeks ago they had a feature on Ohio's vanity plate review board, and... to be fair, the board also nixed a license plate saying "IH8 BLUE"