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Thursday, August 03, 2006

What the hell is going on?!

Was there some secret NCAA meeting recently during which a new rule was passed requiring all teams to have at least one player do something to get suspended or booted off the squad?!

Sweet mother of Pearl! Check out any college football site these days.

Sure, when you read Miami suspended...what is it now?...56 players for the FSU game, you expect that. But then you read on and it's almost silly: Some kid at USC "leaves" the team to pursue med school for doing 'Roids, the Sooners boot their starting QB off the team, a 'Bama player is charged with possessing a stolen handgun as well as some marijuana and an SJSU player commits so many crimes it was like he was trying to break a state record.

Hell, it's gotten so bad Phil Fulmer is even kicking players off his team instead of merely suspending them for one play of a Tuesday practice.

And that's not even including players at various schools (ok, mostly Miami) recovering from stab or gunshot wounds.

Good God, I feel bad for the guys at EDSBS because they're going to crash their computers trying to tabulate all the Fulmer Cup points.

Since this is the first August I've been a blogger, I never followed the college football world outside of the Big 10 and, more specifically Michigan, this closely at this point in the off-season. So maybe this is "normal."

But it sure doesn't feel like it. More on some of these stories below.


Aram said...

What's been surprising to me is not the usual level of players-bootedness, but that no one from Ohio "We Lead the Big Ten in Self-Investigations" State has managed to catch the ire of the NCAA. Could this be the first year in the Tressel era that this has happened?

Anonymous said...

Wanna bet whether or not Alex Boone is suspended?

Anonymous said...

USC must be the most corrupt program ever.

They've had 5 or 6 bona fide huge scandals this offseason.

Don't think anyone rivals that.

Anonymous said...

Alex Boone has been getting "Extra Duty" during all of spring practice and summer conditioning workouts. He won't be suspended but he probably won't play kind of like Erik Haw last year with the whole Pot incident. Tressel punishes his players, without kicking them off the team.

petergoesinya said...

Tressels idea of punishment is having them wear a sweater vest during study hall

stashless said...

Study Hall, at Ohio State?

surrounded in columbus said...

let's be real clear- @ tosu, punishment is directly linked to where you sit on the depth chart. the starting left tackle could be caught "w/ a dead girl or a live boy" and he still wouldn't miss a game.

and before anyone tries to use HTC T. Smith last year as an example, remember that former HTC J. Zwick was Switzer/Tre$$el's golden boy recruit and Sweater Boy wasn't ready to let go of the dream. the cell phone bill gave him an excuse to try Zwick one last time.

cottoncandy said...

Oh man, you guys are KILLING me. Whoa, my stomach muscles just can't take anymore.

We all know how tough Lllloyd Carr has been on players in trouble. I know its been quiet up there for a while, but a couple of years ago there was a Michigan athlete in the paper ever 18 hours committing a crime, and punishment was almost zero.

So, don't get all high and mighty: the pendulum will swing back to your athletes' true characters coming out again.

Cool Hand Mike said...

North is South, black is white and I'm in fucking Bizarro world if Tenn and Da U are now the disciplinarians.

Anonymous said...



Brad said...


Carr has had some problems, but they're infrequent (maybe the reason for less problems recently is recruiting higher-character kids? No, too simple). He's even booted a highly recruited TB off the team (Kelly Baraka) for failing to stay off the ganja. Care to site any similar Tre$$el examples?

Brad said...

That should be "cite" in my previous post, before you resort to ripping my spelling error, BTW.