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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Vandy Thetas: Not so free spirited afterall

Remember that great picture we put up last week of the Vanderbilt Kappa Alpha Theta Bid Day - 2006? You know the one -- where the entire house was flashing the camera with nothing but yellow pasties covering their exposed breasts? Yes, thought you did.

Well, we took it down.

Stop crying and allow me to explain. Yesterday, we got an email from one of the girls in the picture from the Kappa Alpha Theta house at Vanderbilt. She requested that we remove the picture stating that we had "NO authorization from any of the women in the photo or the organization they represent to post the photograph."

After giving it some thought, even though there was no copyright on the photo (nor could we track one down), we decided to remove the picture. We never aim to upset anybody here (only make fun of the occasional Buckeye now and then).

However, we find it kind of amusing, that in the Internet age, these girls are trying to put the proverbial genie (as well as about 50 pairs of breasts) back in the bottle (or bra) so to speak. I mean, a quick Google search revealed the Theta picture here...and here to post just two of many. Are they going to email each and every site out there? And what about all the pictures zipping between email in-boxes? I don't think they'll be too successful. Just ask Pamela Anderson or Paris Hilton.

Funny thing is, I thought the picture wasn't that big a deal. I mean, the whole damn house posed. And they didn't look too shy about it. Hell, Lil Kim wears less on TV! But the tone of the email had a bit of that "morning after a hook up" quality to it. Like, "What did I do last night?"

I dunno, maybe now that the buzzes of Bid Day 2006 have worn off, some of the girls are having second thoughts. I mean this is a sorority whose famous alums include First Lady Barbara Bush, Dick Cheney's wife, Lynne, and Christian singer Amy Grant. I'm guessing their Bid Day pix look a hell of a lot different than the Vandy 2006 version. But this is something to be considered before shooting the Girls Gone Wild version. Especially nowadays. When a digital camera and an email account make everything pretty much public record.

So, the picture is down. Saddest of all, Benny and I had talked about emailing the Thetas and asking them to be the official sorority of the MZone (we were that impressed).

Not anymore.

Now, the Vandy Thetas are dead to us. We're officially boycotting them. That means we're not going to attend the Theta Barbeque and dress in our cowboy outfits. Which is your loss ladies because Benny wears a mean set of chaps.

They can also forget about us showing up at the annual Theta Bowling Tournament where everyone dresses up in "Red Neck attire." Yes, it hurts to think of all the fun we'll miss but, somehow, we'll survive to wear our "Red Neck attire" another day. Maybe on a visit to Columbus.

Nope. Screw them. In fact, we're going to help all our readers forget the Vandy Thetas once and for all. So close your eyes. Slowly start to erase that picture we posted before. And next time you think of the Vandy Thetas, think of these women instead...

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Hope that helped.

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