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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Unoriginal Hacks Steal from EDSBS

As you probably can guess, running a blog that strives to put up new material each day is a very time consuming endeavor. For Benny and I here at the MZone, what started as a side hobby has morphed into a nightly ritual.

But we love doing it. And it sure as hell ain't for the money. Neither of us is contemplating giving up our day jobs because we've sold a few t-shirts.

No, the satisfaction of creation and the response to that creation by you, the reader, is our reward.

And that "love of the game" philosphy regarding blogging goes for 99.9% of the other bloggers out there, a number of whom we've gotten to know and respect since starting the MZone last October.

That's why we're so pissed today. Because one of those sites we respect and admire is Every Day Should Be Saturday. And some unoriginal hacks not only stole one of their signature segments, they also started a website around the idea and didn't even change the name from the one EDSBS uses for it!

The segment in question is their regular bit called The Fulmer Cup in which they "award" points to a football program due to off the field transgressions by its players. The segment is named in "honor" of Tennessee coach Phil Fulmer, whose school is no stranger to said transgressions. Well, some ass clown went and started a website called, you guessed, FulmerCup.com!

We're not sure what, if anything, EDSBS plans to do about the situation but we here at the MZone just wanted to voice our support for Orson, Stranko and EDSBS. Because they, like so many others who blog for passion, work too hard to have their original content stolen.

In other unrelated news, just wanted to let our readers know that starting next week Benny and I have decided to change the name of the MZone. What started as a blog strictly about Michigan football has evolved into something that covers all of college football. Below is our new name and logo. Hope you like it.


DevilGrad said...

Nicely done, fellas. The guy who camped that domain is an assclown.

CrimeNotes said...

Very Cowherdly behavior.

Yost said...

Have no idea what you're talking about CrimeNotes.

srudoff said...

that has to be the gayest high five ever

no wonder he refused to shake belotti's hand!

Boomer Bear said...

Crimenotes, are you referring to Colin Cowherd? If so you are an idiot because his stuff is great!