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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Two Minute Drill

* Buckeye fans "cleanse" themselves of the shame that is Mo' C in this video here.

(HT: Andy)

* Last week we put up a post about Miami receiver Ryan Moore being indefinitely suspended by 'Cane coach Larry Coker for "violating team policy."

Well, according to the just-released Coral Gables police report, apparently the "violation" was that Moore grabbed a woman by the throat, pushed her to the ground and threatened another woman.

Gee, so nice to see that abusing and threatening women is a "violation of team policy" at Miami. How big of them.

* Who's your daddy? Apparently in November for a yet-to-be born little boy, it will be former USC QB Matt Leinart and Trojan basketball player Brynn Cameron according to this story on Bruins Nation.

Yeah, yeah, we know. This is too easy. INSERT TROJAN JOKE HERE. Uh, wait, I think that is one.

* It ain't about spellin' and shit, it's about football! -- "All-America" is misspelled "All-Amercia" 5 times in a three-page span of the Ohio State media guide.

(HT: Austin Dave)

* Three former New Mexico State University players sued the school and head coach Hal Mumme saying they were dismissed from the team because they are Muslim.


Andy said...

Spelling doesn't win championships...

Maybe herringbone should apply for the job as "bucks media guide crosschecker"

sallypierre said...

there's money to be made in an athlete sperm bank!

start up costs: igloo and ice, specimen cups, various magazine of naked girls.

maybe you guys should start one and quit your day jobs.

love your site. and deadspin. and EDSBS.

DevilGrad said...

Gee, so nice to see that abusing and threatening women is a "violation of team policy" at Miami. How big of them.


That's actually a change from the prior policy in Coral Gables, under which it only became a team offense if you recorded a cheesy-assed rap video bragging about it.

MGOBLUE94 said...

0_Number of times Ohio State has been ranked No. 1 in the preseason AP poll and then finished the year as No. 1 (It's been done 10 times by other schools).

Anonymous said...

Brynn Cameron...I'd hit it

Yost said...

"Brynn Cameron...I'd hit it"

So would Ryan Moore.

Thank you, goodnight! I'll be here all week.

Anonymous said...

The ACLU makes me sick. It's one thing if the coach targets them and berades them for being muslim and actually calls into question their loyalty to the U.S. but if all they are complaining about is saying the Lord's Prayer then suck it up. Also congrats to Brynn on getting the Matt Leinart Scholarship to help pay for school.

This was all satire.

Brad said...

I wonder if that Buckeye burning the Clarett jersey still wears 2002 National Champion shirts. I would guess yes.