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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Two Minute Drill

Need more? Here you go...

* Nico over at RollBamaRoll put up this post about the ultimate tailgating machine

* With their history of off-the-field problems at Tennesse, MZone reader Mike sends us this link showing what the latest renovations to Neyland Stadium will look like.

The pic above is from donaldsensing.com and includes this hilarious "update" below it:

My referrer log tells me that I am getting a fair number of hits on this old post from sports blogs and forums. So here’s the latest intel about Yew Tee’s upcoming season. I’ve been told by a reliable souce that Phil Fulmer expects his team to go 8-4 this season. That’s eight convictions, four acquittals.

* Remember how we said we disliked former ESPN analyst Trev Alberts? Well, we never said he wasn't a football genius. He's picked his top 10 teams and the Wolverines are among them.

(HT: Austin Husker)


Anonymous said...

What a surprise...Trev Alberts doesn't like Ohio State. Rot away over there at CSTV and enjoy writing articles for your 3 readers.

Michigan at #2? I'm not saying they'll be as bad as some predict, but I highly doubt #2.

Trev is like Charles Barkley...trying to go against the grain and be controversial..only he's not funny or interesting or intelligent or...

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to Trev Alberts at ESPN? Did he and MArk May have too big of a dust up?

battle creek nd said...

are you sure that those aren't the renovations to the orange bowl?

Anonymous said...

Someone tell Trev Alberts that keeping your mouth shut and people thinking you are an idiot is better than writing a column and removing all doubt. Wow Trev really built his soapbox tall didn't he.

Brad said...

Well at least Trev got one thing right (law of averages and all):

"Take Tennessee, for example... Ainge's development was retarded"