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Thursday, August 31, 2006

This Just In...

Faithful and longtime reader Surrounded in Columbus tipped us off to a potentially interesting story concerning ESPN reporter, and former tOSU great, Chris Spielman having difficulties getting information from the U of M.

Yesterday on Columbus radio he was ranting about being treated unfairly by Michigan as a reporter. Apparently, he's either announcing or doing some of the pre-game at this Saturday's Vandy game for ESPN. He claims he called the sports info office in A2 and asked for the game films the teams had shared with each other and to schedule his attendance at the Friday walk thru practice.

But, Spielman says that he was given the run around and that he's still waiting to hear if he's going to be allowed to get the films and attend the walk thru. He's not sure if it's a clerical snafu, or if he's being excluded because of his tOSU ties.

Stay tuned.


tWorst State Ever said...

I, too, am a Michigan fan in Columbus. Sports talk radio here in Come-blow-us is slim pickins'. It used to be Mike & Mike in the Morning, followed by Colin Cowherd, followed by an hour of Speilman and Riccordati, followed by Dan Patrick, followed by the Big Show with Kirk Herbstreit and Bruce Hooley (which was somewhat tolerable). Since then, they have expanded Speilman's show to three hours, expanded the Big Show to four hours and gotten rid of Dan Patrick. It is unbearable radio from 12-3 when Speilman is on. This "reporter" you speak of is often ridiculed by Mike Riccordati, his co-host, for being child-like and, in my humble opinion, has some horrible diction for being the host of a major sports show in a major sports town. I am not surprised that he didn't get taken seriously.

I used to consider him one of the beacons of hope in Columbus, but now, I know he's just like most of the other tOSU fans I know and have met during my time here in Columbus.

tWorst State Ever said...

Sorry - I forgot to include that I considered him a beacon of hope because he was well liked during his time in Detroit as a Lion.

Anonymous said...

I agree, tworst state ever. 1460 is terrible. Not only is the content bad, but you can't pick it up around town. Listen to 610 WTVN!!! It's a lot better. News talk, but they cover all you need to know about any sports story going on. Also, WAY better Buckeye Coverage, they just do not have the game. They have Earle Bruce, Craig Krenzel, Dee Miller, Coach Bill Conley, Matt McCoy, Dave Maetzold, Munch, Larry Larson, and Dave Purdy.

Cliff Keen said...

Spielman was complaining to me about this last night at youth football tryouts.

Personally, I think it is hillarious that he got stuck doing a Michigan game for his broadcast opener this year.

Two years ago, he used his show to tell everybody that his (son's) team (that he was the coach of) had beaten my team in youth football the previous day. Something along the lines of "it doesn't get any better than beating a Michigan alum..."

The reality is that he wanted to go to Michigan. As he told me, Bo made a hard, 11th hour visit and sell, and Spielman was ready to sign. But his dad told him that he would disown him if he went to Michigan so he went to OSU and the rest is history.

Anonymous said...

I don't live in the midwest so the thing I like about 1460 is you can get it on the net. They also have archives of all their shows so I can listen to them whenever I want. It's good for when you need a college football fix every now and again. Spielman's show is always good for that. Radio where I am vacilates between announcing the Redskins Super Bowl appearance and their imminent demise. You just have to accept the anti-UM stuff for what it is--pandering to the home crowd. It's all good for the rivalry. UM giving him the run around is pretty funny. It makes UM fans laugh and gives Spielman something to talk about. I'd love to be able to get good UM sports talk radio on the net but haven't found any.

JonSobel said...

I believe WTKA does Michigan sports talk, and they do internet feeds as well. I don't know if they're what you'd consider quality, but at least you wouldn't have to hear Spielman stroke the Buckeyes all day long like I do living here in Cowlumbus.

As for the run-around he's getting... Gee, a former alum of UM's biggest rival who runs the biggest homer radio show in the town of UM's biggest rival, the one that religiously trashes the school that he's trying to get film from, and you're telling me that he was TURNED DOWN?! The absolute NERVE! Can't they tell he's a 'serious reporter'?! Don't they listen to his daily radio show? Hey, wait! Here's a thought. They probably DO and that's why you don't have access to jack squat.

How about he actually tries being a journalist before he expects to be treated like one?

Anonymous said...

Speilman is good I guess...if you like dumb meatheads telling you about Christian morals...during a "sports" show, mind you. I find his show to be mindless and void of any critical thinking. Imagine your high school gym teacher doing a radio show and there you have it.

I find the worst personalities are positive their view is the "right" view and everyone elses is absolutely wrong. If that floats your boat...enjoy.

I just remember Speilman having the nerve to coach our AFL Destroyers to an impressive 2-14 season to which he promptly threw his players and assistant coaches under the bus at every interview. Great player whom I had lots of respect for, however, with his lack of taking personal responsibility as a coach and his pulpit radio show, I could care less.

imafreak said...

I can only imagine if I lived any where near Cowtown the Buckeye media saturation would make me crazy (like the DC media does with the Redskins). Having said that, Speilman's latest diatribe against UM is pretty devoid of fact and all paranoid supposition on his part. The whole world knows Carr is not media friendly. He treats the hometown media like the enemy. Irritating but not exactly unusual for a coach or news. One could hardly expect him to treat the opponent's media any better. Apparently, Carr doesn't do "walk thrus" with the media. That has nothing personal to do with Speilman. Apparently, UM no longer has the Vandy tape but will try and get it. I don't find it surprising that UM doesn't want Speilman in their computer system to watch the film. So far we've got the old coot anti-media Carr behavior we already know about and no anti-Buckeye conspiracy. I would happily support an anti-Buckeye conspiracy for Speilman, however. Listen to his show. It's not like he pretends to be impartial at all. I find no reason to "trust" Speilman because he is a "professional". He presents himself completely differently from, say, Kirk Herbstreit.