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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Superman Replacing Superman

Yesterday, Colt McCoy was named the starting QB for the national champion Texas Longhorns. For those that might not remember, McCoy saved a man's life this past Memorial Day weekend by swimming 300 yards across a lake and racing up a steep, rocky incline to signal for help.

But such heroics might seem easy compared to what he must do this fall: replace Vince Young.

So now, after spending a summer acting like a real-life Superman, McCoy is faced with the seemingly insurmountable task of replacing a gridiron Superman...with the eyes of Texas, and all of college football, squarely upon him. If things don't go well, might we suggest McCoy assume the identity of his alter ego, Colt Kent, and get a job writing for the Daily Texan.


Allaha said...

Colt McCoy has a thankless job: if UT does well, he will simply have inherited a talented team. If UT does poorly, it will be his fault. Furthermore, UT confronts (a No. 1 ranked) tOSU in the second week of the season, and a highly ranked OU soon thereafter.

Notwithstanding the uncertainty, I think the best Texas can do is back one QB and see where he leads the team.

Mack Brown said...

Texas will lose 3 games this year.

IC said...

Good points allaha. I wish McCoy the best mainly because of his name, which could only be possessed by a ruggedly handsome oil rig worker, a cowboy turned detective who plays by his own set of rules, or a Texas quarterback.

I also have always liked the Longhorns. But McCoy has a huge task, as rarely if ever has a college player had bigger shoes to fill.

Texas had a great team in the past couple seasons, but has there been a national champion over the past 20 years that owed more to its ultimate success than Texas owes to Vince Young in '05? I am still amazed with his performance vs. USC in the '06 Rose Bowl (or vs. M in the '05 Rose Bowl.) It was as if he was the athletic 8th grader playing with his 5th grade little brother and his buddies in the back yard. Everyone knew what play would be run, yet Young could not be stopped.

Hopefully Texas fans will realize how unique Young was and give McCoy time and support.

Chris Simms said...

"Hopefully Texas fans will realize how unique Young was and give McCoy time and support."

Yeah right...

Anonymous said...

What's the OVER-UNDER on which game tu's "fans" will boo Colt McCoy for the first time.

Colt McCoy is a good kid, but he's no Vince Young. In fact, he was supposed to be carrying the clipboard for VY's senior season.

Colt was an afterthought when Mack Brown thought he had Ryan Perriloux in the bag. Then RP dumped Mack at the last moment.

Mack made a desperate 911 call to Chase Daniel, who was a solid committment to Missouri and was the QB for the Texas 5-A champions, and "offered." Chase told Mack to put it where the Sun don't shine.

McCoy had already committed to tu, so he was "onboard." Since the Horns had a 5th year senior clipboard carrier, Matt Lundgren, Colt got a redshirt.

Oh, oh ... fast forward to 2006. VY left early for the NFL and Lundgren's eligibility was up.

Mack recruited Jevan Snead and after a "battle" with Colt, decided to give Colt the start and give Snead carry the clipboard.