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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

SI Names Michigan #1

SI.com has picked Michigan's fight song as the best in all the land.

What? You didn't think we were talking football, did you?

The rest of their Top 5 are:

1. "The Victors," University of Michigan
2. "Anchors Aweigh," U.S. Naval Academy
3. "Boomer Sooner," University of Oklahoma.
4. "Rocky Top," University of Tennessee
5. "Notre Dame Victory March," Notre Dame

While I obviously agree with #1, uh, "Anchors Aweigh" is the second best fight song in college football? Sorry, I beg to differ.

I also liked some of the comments to this article, especially a couple of folks who were aghast about "Rocky Top" making it near the top saying they play it too damn much. One guy compared it to a song you start out liking on Top 40 radio...until they play the shit out of it and you end up loathing it. Yes, "Rocky Top" is the "Hey Ya!" of college football.

Thanks to MZone reader Enrique for the tip


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? Anything without Ohio State or USC's fight songs aren't worth the read thank you.

harry hasselhoff said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
harry hasselhoff said...

My Top 5:

1) Michigan
2) USC
3) ND
4) Wisconsin
5) OSU

Any list with "Rocky Top" and "Anchors Aweigh" above nos. 2-5 is a little suspect.

Anonymous said...

Rocky Top isn't Tennessee's fight song

Benny Friedman said...

Rocky Top wouldn't even beat out Alabama's as the best fight song in the SEC.
"Boomer Sooner" is a direct ripoff of Yale's "Boola Boola," so it shouldn't be in the top five.
The best fight songs are in the Big Ten. Michigan, tOSU, Sparty, Wisconsin and Minnesota are all top ten material.

Andy said...

My season tickets are right behind the visiting band at the stadium, so we hear a too much of the bands. But as much as I hate tOSU - their song is pretty snappy. Wisconsin and Michigan State stick in your head after a game as well.

St. Simons Island Nole said...

I am partial to the FSU Warchant, personally.

IC said...

Don't forget "The Ramblin' Wreck from Georgia Tech." And I may catch hell for this, but I think UCLA's "Sons of Westwood" is an overlooked classic.

Good call on Minnesota, Benny. Plus, it's titled "The Minnesota Rouser", which sounds like an euphemism for an outdoor sex act in the winter.

ososdeoro said...

Excuse me, as the earlier poster said, "Boomer Sooner" is Yale's fight song. And ic, "Sons of Westwood" is a ripoff of Cal's "Big C."

IC said...

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jim said...

Boomer Sooner? Are you kidding me. There are two words in the friggen song. Who wrote it the Chairman of the English Lit. Dept.

IC said...

ososdeoro (great name for a "Golden Bear"):

I had never heard of "Big C", but after reading your comment I listened to it at figthmusic.com. "Sons of Westwood" is almost exactly the same. This is an even more brazen musical ripoff than the recent Sierra Mist commercials (with the guy from "Ed" who's always in the "I Love the 70s, 80's, 90's" shows on VH1)that sound almost identical to the tunes from "Curb Your Enthusiasm."

Therefore, I'm replacing UCLA on my list of top fight songs with Cal. However, I cannot promise that when hearing the song, I won't continue to envision Bruins cheerleaders.

ou blonde said...

Excuse me Jim, but that is what makes "Boomer Sooner" a very recognizable fight song. People remember the song because it is not complicated by too many words. "Boomer Sooner" is simple, catchy and to the point.

Jeremy said...

This is constantly debated and Michigan comes out on top. The rest of you can fight over second place; we don't really give a shit. The Victors pwns your ass and that's really all there is to it. Especially in the Big Ten, many of the fight songs are insipid, lame, and interchangeable.

I was in the MMB so I've played the songs of all our opponents in the last 4 years, and the one song I had the most fun playing was Texas'. Penn State was pretty good too. And the little we play at the end of MSU's, but I don't think that's part of their shortened version.

Jeremy said...

Should say "little 4-bar phrase we play" at the end there

John Gibson said...

Absolutely! I'm a life-long, dyed-in-the-wool Longhorn fan, but when your band marched onto the field at the Rose Bowl on Jan. 1, 2005, and struck up "The Victors", it made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end! For years, I've had three favorite football teams - Texas, Michigan, and whoever is playing the Farting Irish (which means on some Saturdays, I have only two - Texas & Michigan).

A2Saint said...

Not just the best fight song, John Philip Sousa once said it was the best march he had ever heard. And he knew a thing or two about marches...

ferenc said...

Obviously it isn't the fight song, but "The Yellow and the Blue" was always my favourite song associated with UM. My dad's seats were deep in alumnus only territory and the emotion on the aging faces around me when this song was played was...

Becky said...

Anything ever sung by Dolly Parton CANNOT be in the top 5. Period.

Scott Boswell said...

I wonder how much SI was paid by the ou athletic dept. to have Boomer Sooner listed.

Not only is it 2 words, played after every 2 yard gain and utterly repulsive, it relishes in the fact of being a "Sooner".

Wait...isn't a Sooner someone that cheated to get finanical gain? Carry on...

ou blonde said...

"Boomer Sooner" Ahh...Simplicity is Beautiful! Right Scott. Hey the sooners just wanted to get a head start for a piece of land, whats wrong with that?

Anonymous said...

"Boomer Sooner" actually has more than two words. It starts off with:

Sooner born, Sooner bred,
When I die, I'll be Sooner dead.

Those poor people are cursed to be Okies in the afterlife as well.

PS Anchor's Aweigh is an excellent fight song. Go see a game in Annapolis and you'll be singing it by the forth quarter.

Beban said...

Two quick points:

The reason that UCLA and Cal have the same fight song is that UCLA was the first UC outside of Cal. Kind of the first offspring. It's also why they are the Golden Bears, and we're the Bruins (i.e. Baby Bears). Cal plays the song with a much faster tempo. Cal's is the original, but our version sounds better.

Second, for all of you dissing Anchors Aweigh, go fuck yourselves.

That is all.

Anonymous said...

Obviously "The Victors" rules. My favorite part is not the main theme, but the part that leads up to it.

I like "Rocky Top." I also like "Hey Ya."

"On Wisconsin" should make the list.

The USC song is annoying unless you add dirty lyrics.

Have you ever heard the original University of Chicago fight song? They used to be the best Big Ten football school till they got rid of the sport. I believe their fight song has been adopted by others.

BaggyPantsDevil said...

I'm a little shocked at the lack of love for the "Notre Dame Victory March." Especially considering how they're going to be the greatest college football team ever this year.

"The Victors" is without a doubt the best fight song ever. I'm always shocked when these "best fight song" articles don't just concede that "The Victors" is so superior to anything else that the debate is just about who comes in second.

As much as I despise Notre Dame, I will admit that their fight song is a pretty good one. I think Ohio State--who I also despise--also have a good one that's on a par with Notre Dame's.

"Rocky Top" is just lame. One, it's not a fight song. Two, there's nothing the least bit memorable about its melody. I've heard two versions of it. One made me think "kid from Deliverence" and the other made me think I was listening to the national anthem of the Republic of Lithuania.

I've never understood how anyone not liquored up on moonshine or starry-eyed in love with their cousin can like that song.

ferenc said...

You want to know why people love "Rocky Top"? It is because when the song is played it is impossible to keep the absolutely delightful image of a Colonel Sanders-esque gentleman dancing with all of his might out of your head. The song just makes you want to buy a white top hat and can. Old iconography of the South dancing...nothing can beat that.

Jeremy said...

Yeah John! Texas had by far the best and most polite band we've ever encountered. Our trombone sections even got together at In N Out burger and swapped stories for a couple hours. We decided we have the opposite of a rivalry with them. It's just too bad that one of the greatest games I'll ever see had to be their team beating mine on the last play.

ChrisMagee said...

Like Jeremy, I was at the MMB/LHB Bone meetup, but was one of the Texas Bones. That was a total blast and I wish we could play UM again just to see the MMB bones. My top 5 fight songs are as follows:
1 - Texas Fight (come on, I do go there)
2 - Hail to the Victors
3 - Maroon and Gold (ASU)
4 - UAB Fanfare
5 - On Wisconsin

Jeremy said...

Haha, what are the odds, chrismagee? Small world. And I'm not just blowing smoke in a public forum, that trombone meetup/entire trip was one of the highlights of my four years in band.

We were slightly disappointed during the Rose Bowl this year though -- we couldn't spot anyone giving the money behind the ABC cameras when all the bones were mugging for the camera before pregame. It would've made our lives complete!

trojan mike said...

ND should be higher on the list, and I know Im biased... but USC's got to be on there too. But Michigan does have a great fight song.

ChrisMagee said...

We didn't do give me the money to the camera, but it has caught on among the Texas Trombones. I can speak for the entire trombone section that our meetup was my favorite non-game moment of that trip for both Rose Bowls. Screw playing Ohio State, I want to play UM. Here's to UM and UT in Glendale!!!