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Monday, August 14, 2006

Probe clears Auburn for offering easy classes to athletes, Officials conclude that's just Auburn education

Last month, we reported on the controversy at Auburn University in which a sociology professor was accused of allowing members of the football team to take "independent study" courses for such classes as statistics which normally, at most schools, require class instruction. Former Auburn All-American RB Cadillac Williams described his statistics class this way: “You’re just studying different kinds of math. It’s one of those things where you write a report about the different theories and things like that.”


But last week, athletics officials were cleared of any wrongdoing by an internal university probe saying athete grades weren't artificially boosted with easy independent study courses. Apparently, that's just the way they teach stats at Auburn, which in the course book is listed as "Numbers and Shit 234."


cottoncandy said...

Thank God with Michigan's Kinesiology program to hide stupid athletes, Michigan can look down their noses at Auburn.

bob jackson said...

Last year I opened a box of Cracker Jacks and I got an MBA from AU. I threw it in the trash because I felt like it would hurt my chances of landing a decent job.

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes! And further news comes from New York State's Auburn correctional facility. The inmates asked around and it turns out that everyone there is innocent. So, on Tuesday, everyone is going home.

Anonymous said...

interesting that you point out Cadillac Williams. His eligibility had already expired prior to taking the class in question.

"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics."
- Autobiography of Mark Twain

Anonymous said...

cotton: If you ever took a Kinesiology class -- you would not say this. There are plenty of athletes hiding in every D1 college, but Michigan's Kinesiology program is not a joke.

Anonymous said...

Okay, everyone say it with me.

"Internal University Probe"

Well no F-ing &#^$, an internal probe found there to be no problem. I wonder if Tubbie headed the investigation up himself.

James Brooks &Eric Ramsey said...


An "Internal Investigation" at Auburn University found nothing wrong.

As Gomer Pyle would say (I think you get 3 Sociology credits at AU for watching an Episode of Gomer Pyle, BTW) "SURPRISE, SURPRISE SURPRISE!"

Just "keepin' it down home, Cuzz" business as usual on the Plains.

Oh, and face it Cottoncandy...EVERYONE looks down their noses at Auburn.

Papa Steve said...

What they didn't say is that players that participated in the Internal University Probe through interviews and such were awarded 6 credits in sociology after writing a short report on the review process and how that pertains to ethics.

Excerpt from one player's report:
'I think it was good that the internal review was so thorough. There are a lot of different kinds of reviews, of which internal is only one. Ethics are good too and the ethics involved made me feel good about playing football at Auburn. I like sociology a lot and one day when my football career is over, I may pursue a career in sociology.

Anonymous said...

Yost, I got a pic someone sent me. How do I send it to you if I can't locate an IP on the net?

cottoncandy said...

Anon, 7:45 and anyone else doubting Michiganders, listen:

Michigan has two kinesiology programs: one is very difficult and one is to hide athletes. So don't waive the difficult program in the air to clear the stink. The latter program puts Michigan on the same plane as Auburn.

Yost said...


Send it to the email address on the home page, right below the MZone logo in the text (upper left hand corner).

Yost said...


Send it to the email address on the home page, right below the MZone logo in the text (upper left hand corner).

Anonymous said...

Real World: Every University has offerings such as these. In this case only 6% of the students were in the athletics department, however "Athletics" grabs headlines, who would read "94% of students taking easy classes to get better grades".... DUH?! In many locations the 'directed study' classes are listed as such in the scheudle of classes. As in this case it is a way to push students thru the system with less teachers and bring in more money. Surprise! College is a business too.

srudoff said...

a school that offers a class called "how to be gay" shouldn't really be throwing stones at any other school now should it?

Papa Steve said...


A class on how to be gay may clearly be of no benefit for someone such as yourself, but what about someone who wasn't born with your obvious talent in that department?

Anonymous said...

"A class on how to be gay" ???

Since when did Michigan move to the West Coast?

Anonymous said...

Keep it going guys, I really do like your site!

bouje said...


First off the course wasn't literally "how to be gay", it was about how gay people act in society. Don't bring that weak shit here.


I don't know what kines that you're talking about, but most of the majors in kines have to take orgo, last I checked thats not an easy class... at least it wasn't when i was a froshie

cottoncandy said...

My butt hurts.

srudoff said...


the class was/is literally called "How to be gay". You can spin it how you want to but students at the University of Michigan could actually schedule "How to be gay" classes.

Anonymous said...

"EVERYONE looks down their noses at Auburn."

LOL, what a stupid shat thing to say. You are obviously a bammer with a deep-seated inferiority complex over being second best in the state in both academics and athletics.

Granted we aren't Meeeechigan when it comes to academics, but we'd kick their football team's maize and blue asses.

Anonymous said...

One more thing, to the HACKS that wrote this report. From your provided link:

"He said 82 percent taking the courses were non-athletes, 18 percent played a sport of some kind and 7.5 percent were football players."

Duh! Only 18% of the students taking the course were non-athletes, not "over a quarter" as your lame-assed slanted "report" quoted.

LOL at your math skills, or lack thereof. Irony rears its ugly head.

Anonymous said...

The previous post should have read...

Only 18% of the students taking the course were athletes, not "over a quarter" as your lame-assed slanted "report" quoted.

Anonymous said...

easy now war eagle....uggh tiger.....ummm....plainsman....

Well, at least one thing we can agree upon is you're inbred white trash.

What other university in America has a good percentage of students living in trailers??? Please don't even offer your rebuttal..I ain't from Alabamer, but I have been to Auburn.

Anonymous said...

"Well, at least one thing we can agree upon is you're inbred white trash."

LMAO! What a pathetic attempt at stereotyping. Nice try.

Sigmund Frued said...

An Auburnite accusing anyone of having an inferiority complex is worse than the pot calling the kettle black..It's more like Phil Fulmer calling someone a fatass or Tommy Tuberville accusing someone of being a slick, smarmy, used-car salesman turd of a human being.

In fact, between Auburn insisting on measuring it's pathetic little pee-pee against Alabama's and trumpeting any percieved millimeter where they invent an "advantage", and the inbred inferiority complaex of the Auburn Nation as a whole, again, with respect to Alabama, hell, there's a thesis there if someone wants to study the intricacies of the Collective Inferiority Complex and Collective Penis Envy. Just set up camp in Darwin's waiting room in Lee County.

Of course, at Auburn, any of the football team would be granted enough credits for a PhD just for being able to spell "Penis Envy".

Anonymous said...

you're right Bama is Back bec they scored 9 tds in a scrimmage! You dont have to kill yourselves after all. Also, please explain to me how Brodie"Mullet King" Croyle and a few of his cronies got to take a 6 credit class for a 3 page paper just to stay eligible for the Cotton Bowl?? Does Bammer offer 6 hr credits to regular students??

National Enquirer said...

Hmmm. Just a thought, there, anonymous, if Auburn is so superior academically to Michigan, or hell, even Alabama for that matter, why did they go on probabtion and damn near end up losing their SACS accreditation a couple years back due to academic reasons?


Losing that would've made an Auburn degree about as useless as, well, anything else from Auburn.

Losing that

DAve said...

I sure hope whoever designed the Cracker Jack image intentionally misspelled "University". Otherwise, that'd be ironic.

Anonymous said...

National Inq: The SACS issue had nothing to do with Auburn academics, and everything to do with the level of involvement of the BOT in athletics. Too bad you bammers cant read or understand english or you might know that.

Anonymous said...


Your wife and mom told me you are such an ass because of your apparent male shortcomings "where it counts".
This was shared with me after I serviiced the two of them on the Gold and Maize throw rug in your den (check for large spots on the lower leg of the "M").
I may be from the South, but both of those women howled and invited me back anytime I was in the neighborhood.

Go Bulddogs!