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Monday, August 28, 2006

Off the Wall, Through The Window, Nothing But Net

This video clip brought back some good memories of college - never was more time wasted doing such silly things. Good times, good times.

HT: Buckeye John


screwa2 said...

see lots of these vids popping up on sites.

what they don't show are the 'set ups' before the shots.

some look pretty tricky indeed, but notice how most don't even get a look of amazement from the participants - it's because it's their 7th-8th-etc. attempt and they've finally gotten everything perfectly in place.

still an achievement i guess, when you're drunk, stoned and hop'd up on shrooms!

indeed, a glorious killer of time and fabtabulous waste of their parents hard earned $$$.

Anonymous said...

Hey, as long as they're having fun and not harming anyone else -- rock on!!!

TitleIX said...


Yes, we really had to buy supplies at Kampus Keggers....

It's a physics LAB assignment thing....

Anonymous said...

please, enough with the haterade.......i bow down before the beer pong gods

detroiter_in_dc said...

That was sick, even if it took them 8 times. I would take either one of them on my beer pong team