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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

O-Zone: Fair and Balanced

Of all the tOSU sites out there, the O-Zone has the most passionate following we've seen. The message boards truly capture the, uh, passion of the Buckeye fan. Get past the scUM references, and the LLLLLLoyd posts, and, occasionally there's something worth reading.

What's almost always worth your time are articles written by Tony Gerdman. He's been previewing the Big Ten, and his post on Michigan appeared yesterday. We've had our fun here accusing tOSU backers of being a little less than civilized. But Tony's article is well-written, complete and, most of all, balanced. He mentions Michigan's strengths that so many others have forgotten, and also points out some potential downfalls of the Wolverines. He even pulls three factoids from the Michigan Media Guide that we didn't know about:

1. 39,650,705 fans have watched the Wolverines over the years at Michigan Stadium.

2. Lloyd Carr is 15-6 against Top 10 opponents, with three of those losses coming in bowl games. (The other three losses are to Ohio State, though he is 4-3 against the Buckeyes when they’re ranked in the Top 10.)

3. The Wolverines are the most televised team in college football history with 356 appearances. (Go tell your Notre Dame friends, it will eat them up.)

So take a look at what the other side is saying about the 2006 Wolverines. And while you're over there, maybe drop a note in the forum about how you think "scUM" is going to kick tOSU's ass this year. I'm sure you won't be disappointed in the response.



Maize n Brew Dave said...

LLoyd's top ten record, percentage wise (.714), is one of the best in the history of college football.

Compare it to the following:

Leahy (ND) .659 13-6-3
Switzer (Okla.) .544 18-15-1
Blaik (Army) .500 8-8-2
Bryant (Ala.) .472 17-19-1
Holtz (ND) .469 15-17-1
Parseghian (ND) .447 7-9-3
Bo (UM) .214 7-27-1

Not bad.

Andy said...

I enjoyed the review -- except this line "Michigan hasn’t gone undefeated on the road since they shared a portion of Nebraska’s national championship in 1997."

What other team in history was undefeated and ranked #1 going into their bowl game, won that bowl game, and dropped to #2 ?

I curse that departure gift to Tom Osbourne by his CFB costra nostra.

Anonymous said...

In their preview for Iowa, the O-Zone referenced in inaccurate statistic in the Iowa Media Guide.
They incorrectly noted that Michigan had 49 conference wins since 1980. Michigan has actually won 166 games since 1980. It is Ohio State who only has 149 wins since 1980. Michigan has the most wins and is the #1 team in the conference over the last 25 years.

Anonymous said...

True, Notre Dame is Michigan's first opportunity for a big loss, but I think it's much more likely that Notre Dame will be set up for a loss. Georgia Tech and Penn State vs. two patsies ...

imafreak said...

I like this quote referring to Hart, "When he’s out, the Wolverines are lost and appear to be just trying things in hopes that they’ll work."

Last season I got the exact same impression from Malone. The reason why I have hope for Debord is he seems to grok offense. I got the impression Malone didn't really. He seemed too obsessed with "being balanced" despite what was or wasn't working and rarely seemed to have anything up his sleeve.

The dig about "sharing Nebraska's national championship" was a clever turn of phrase.

Anonymous said...

You call that impartial? They compare Michigan to the Golden Girls and their Buckeyes to the A-Team for Christ's sake! Yeah, they're about as impartial as Bob Ufer. Whatever.