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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

MZone Two Minute Drill

Need more stuff to help you blow off work/school/your court appearance? Check out some of the other things we found across the web or were sent to us by MZone readers...

* Remember the two Kenton, Ohio, HS football players who had their juvie jail sentences deferred until after the upcoming season? Well, Columbus station 1460 AM snared an interveiw with their head coach, Mike Mauck, which you can listen to here. Unreal. No real remorse for the two injured kids, instead he basically just says the judge ruled and that's it.

(HT: AR)

* With the craziness that is now Maurice Clarett's life, you know a Movie of the Week is just around the corner. Well, the guys over at the Men of Scarlet and Gray share their casting suggestions for Maurice: Third Down and Life to Go. Funny stuff.

Ed. Note: We notice Men of Scarlet and Gray refer to Mo'C on their site as HWSNBN for He Who Shall Not Be Named. Seeing that, Benny suggested Tosu should refer to their 2002 National Title as TTWSNBM (The Title Which Shall Not Be Mentioned) since they wouldn't have won it without HWSNBN. Just a thought.

* Speaking of National Titles, Texas has won another...as the country's top party school according to the Princeton Review. Talk about rubbing it in - best football team in the land, beautiful co-eds and now this? Ok, we're officially jealous, Austin.

1 comment:

UpTheHawks said...

The Big 10 did pretty well in that list - Penn St #2, Wisconsin #4, Iowa #9, Indiana #13. The Hawks also got rated the #1 school were "There students (almost) never study". The profs have been having fun with that one this week.