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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

MZone Potpourri

A rich blend of things happening out around the blogosphere as well as things you, the loyal MZone reader, have sent us.

* Check out these videos the NFL put up promoting fantasy football, especially the one for Braylon Edwards. (HT: Caren)

* Bruins Nation put up a post via Conquest Chronicles about senior USC DBs Brandon and Ryan Tings who said they quit the team to pursue med school. But turns out there might be more to it than that. In an "exit interview" with WeAreSC.com, Ryan alluded to calls, emails and even death threats he received - from Trojan fans! - after the USC/Texas Rose Bowl for a certain play when an interception wasn't made.

If that is even remotely true, it exemplifies all that is wrong with college football today. Sad, sad, sad.

UPDATE: Stop the presses! Nestor over at Bruins Nation just emailed and alerted us to his post about the real reason the Tings quit - and it wasn't abuse from fans. Turns out it was substance abuse...as in steriods as The LA Times revealed Brandon tested positive for 'roids.

* With the poker craze in full swing and WSOP poker going on right now (with its $12M payout to be awarded the winner!), poker seems to have hit the big time. But not so fast says writer Rob Daniels who insists to be truly thought of in the same breath as baseball, football and the other major sports, poker needs a good drug scandal. (HT: The Wiz)

* What would college football be without the 'Canes having to suspend a number of players before the season even starts? In the latest incident, 4 players where suspended by Coach Larry Coker for Miami's first game against FSU.

In a related story, despite repeated pleas from 'Nole fans, Bowden refused to suspend any and all Florida State kickers for the game.

* I hope EDSBS's telethon to raise money for their new server is going better than this indicates -- each time I've tried to go to the site last night, I kept getting a page saying the site had been temporarily suspended.

UPDATE: Orson is back today. Crisis averted.


Anonymous said...

Big No.1 is oh so cool!!!

Anonymous said...

If this is all true about USC's player testing positive for Roids' and his dad was Bary Bonds' doctor, this is a huge story.

That could be the link that finally brings Bonds down. Cant wait to hear more about this as it develops.

TitleIX said...

don't pick the kicker guy for your fantasy team....dumb ass! you don't want to HIT the upright, you want to kick BETWEEN the uprights.
You fantasy playas have been warned! ;-)

WolverineinWA said...

That Braylon video is so dope, it's unreal.

o$ucks said...

didnt tosu fans send death threats to a certain player who dropped a catch in the end zone when they played Texas.

Brad said...

Braylon kicks ass. Somewhere, Jaren Hayes is crying in a padded cell, huddled in a corner with a blanket.