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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Mystery Solved?

Yesterday we asked our readers to do a little investigative work to find out exactly where the Kappa Bid Day Picture from 2000 was taken. There were three known candidates: Arizona, USC, and Wisconsin.

Well, reader CG went above and beyond the call of duty on this one. His investigation of the three potential schools, complete with aerial photos and analysis, is below. Folks, this is genius. We don't know what CG does for a living, but if we need a detective, we're hiring him

Where in the World is KKG Bid Day 2000 Pic?

- Picture taken on the ROOF of Kappa Kappa Gamma
- Bid Day happens sometime mid-fall
- Empire Photo watermark
- Lack of strong tan lines on the women
- Long shadows: most likely taken toward evening, which puts the camera person facing south to southwest
- Lots of deciduous trees in the background along with unique building to the south-southwest with dark roof, 3 chimney stack and white strip

- University of Arizona
- University of Wisconsin
- University of Southern California

University of Arizona 1435 E Second St, Tucson, AZ 85719

Ariel view from Google Earth with the picture rotated from camera person’s view given the assumptions above:

1. No building with 3 chimney stack
2. Lack of deciduous trees surrounding the house
3. Lack of tan lines on the girls
4. No Empire Photo located in Tuscon, AZ

Wisconsin 601 N. Henry St, Madison, WI

Aerial view:

1. There is possibility that the background building with 3 chimney stack is here (Circled 1 in picture)
2. Empire Photography Inc. located in Madison

1. However this building (circled 2 in picture) is then located on Langdon St and not at 601 N. Henry, which would not be the sorority house
2. Appears to be deciduous tree between the sorority house and the 3 stack chimney building; no tree between these buildings

USC 929 W 28th St, Los Angeles, CA

Aerial view:

1. No building with 3 chimney stack
2. Lack of deciduous trees surrounding the house
3. Lack of tan lines on the girls
4. No Empire Photo located in Los Angeles, CA

So it appears, according to the evidence compiled by CG, the Kappas are from Wisconsin. Shocking.

Well done, CG. Grissom and Horatio Caine have nothing on you.


Hoyasaxa said...

Here's a fourth set of options:


Boston College
Boston University

There's a Empire Photo located in Boston: http://www.empirephotoboston.com/Empire-Allframes.htm

Check it out. That would explain the foliage as well, and the lack of natural tan lines.

Plus, check out the Boudoir Photography section (with the warning of "mild nudity"). Those pictures sure look like they belong in the same 'genre' as the one you are trying to identify.

Hoyasaxa said...

Upon further investigation, Kappa Kappa Gamma has three chapters in Massachusetts: Harvard, UMass and Babson College.

I checked out Harvard's Kappa chapter...there's no way in hell those girls are these girls. (www.krimsonkappas.com) Check it out and you'll see what I mean.

Babson is an intriguing possibility. Their bid day is September 15 (http://www3.babson.edu/offices/campuslife/greek/sororities.cfm) per the school website, which fits the evidence.

Upon searching Google Earth, there is a three-pronged smokestack on top of a building in the middle of campus, with a similar flat roof in place. 42deg 17'54.38" N, 71deg 15'58.52 W are the coordinates.

See what you think (sorry I can find a way to cut/paste the photo here)

TitleIX said...

brilliant dear watson, brilliant.
now if you all just spent as much time trying to read the minds of the women who love you as you are trying to figure out who these 18 year olds are you'd be getting a lot more action....
promise! ;-)
all these photos should prove to you that women like it hot too...
why else would they pose in such revealing and suggestive ways??
oh wait...
maybe they are actually into each other!?
ahhh, now that's sure to get a rise out of the crowd.....

happy hunting!

Yost said...

Christ, TitleIX, next thing you're going to do is tell us we have to listen to our women, too.

Crazy Joe said...

I decided to put all this analysis and debate to rest by consulting an expert...my sister who was a Kappa at Wisconsin graduating in '99. Her comments:

"That looks like the Kappa roof. That was just a year after I graduated, but it doesn't fit with the "traditional" bid day pictures. Seniors were on the front porch wearing towels, juniors were in the lake wearing bathing suits, I think sophomores were on the roof (my guess is that these girls were sophomores in fall of 2000. And that they got in trouble for this picture), and the new pledges were in bid day t-shirts in front of the gate.

Just an FYI for the psycho stalkers trying to figure out which building is which. The building they have marked 1 is Kappa, the building they have marked 2 is Alpha Chi Omega. The roof where the picture was taken is on top of an addition to the Kappa house that is at the opposite end of the house from Langdon street. Kappa has a Henry Street address, but is at the corner of Langdon and Henry. Also, bid day is in September, in the late afternoon/early evening, the photographer would have been facing southwest, the building in the background is probably the Chi Phi house across the street."

Hopefully that covers everything.

Yost said...

Well done, Crazy J. Well done indeed.

Anonymous said...

My teacher was a kappa and went to Wisconsin. I could swear the one most right in the picture is her.

Rex Cramer said...

The picture of the USC Kappa house is incorrect. The Kappa house in on the corner (if I recall correctly). Looking at the picture provided, it's the house on the left with all of the painted parking spaces.

Still, it may be somewhere else, but the evidence needs to be re-stated.

John Frum said...

Anon 11:14

There is nothing as good as primary research, so print out the picture and go ask her if it is her and if it is, ask her which chapter it was.

Anonymous said...

It's the Kappas at USC because that is the USC Kappa Sigma house that I once lived in.

Steven Tays said...
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