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Thursday, August 10, 2006

More Trouble In Columbus

Not wanting to be overshadowed by former Buckeyes, probable tOSU starting TE Marcel Frost was booted off the team on Tuesday for the ol' "violating team rules." Head coach Jim Tresell would not divulge the reason for the suspension only saying that Frost could return next season.

We here at the MZone have only one question: With the kind of stuff that so many of the players in Columbus get away with, what on God's earth did this guy possibly do to get suspended for an entire year from the Ohio State progam? I mean, Troy Smith was taking money from a booster and he was suspended for, like, a play or something.

If any readers hear anything, let us know.


tyrone butterfingers said...

Supposedly he failed a random drug test for the second time.

Anonymous said...

This was his second offense. He was part of the Erik Haw incident last year and he didn't play until the last couple games. This year he was supposed to do big things, but another sad case of not redeeming ones self.

Anonymous said...

USC's Jarrett got 18,001 dollars from a USC booster and didn't get even a one play penalty.

Then look at Bomar at OU with 18K. Got kicked off the team.

Something isn't right here.

Anonymous said...

Well with the recent shitstorm hitting major college football programs recently, we all knew it was only a matter of time before Tosu popped in there. Of course they didn't let us down. Starting TE gets the boot, lol.

cottoncandy said...

For the record, it was his third offense. OSU policy is 1st offense, mandatory drug counselling, second offense 3 game suspension plus more counselling, third is the boot.

I guess the ganja was more important than NFL millions a la Ricky Williams.

Anonymous said...

For OSU to suspend starter, he must of beat up Tressel's Wife or mother

Yost said...

To suspend a starter at OSU, it must have been Tressel's wife AND mother.

srudoff said...

to think he could have smashed some foreign student in the face with a bottle and just served 2 games....

srudoff said...

ooops Jackson missed just one game!!!

Anonymous said...

Yost, if you look closely, the buckstache is there. Not your typical buckstache, but it's there, of course, lol.