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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Miami Suspends Another Player, Canes Request to Play 8 on 8

University of Miami head coach Larry Coker has suspended another player, this time wide receiver Ryan Moore, bringing the number of Canes suspended for the team's opening game on September 4th against Florida State to 79.

As a result of the latest suspension, Coker has asked Seminole coach Bobby Bowden if he would agree to play the Miami/FSU game using small-town Eight-man football rules.

"I knew it might come to this at Miami if anybody ever started actually enforcing things around here," said a disappointed Coker. "Jimmy Johnson never did, or he might not have had eight."


Boomer Bear said...

I am loving this! Reminds me of the Nebraska teams a few years back with Larwence Phillips and the others (excpet they let those guys play).

Anonymous said...

Hilarious, but where is the ESPN coverage? If this were tOSU it would have been nonstop around the clock coverage, kind of like the recent Maurice Clarett story. Oh well the Cryami issue is pretty funny to me.

robert paulson said...

the Ryan Moore suspension isn't really another suspension. He was already suspended for the first 2 games of the year which includes the FSU game. Coker just changed it from 2 games to indefinitely. He'll probably be back in 3 weeks instead.

Ram61 said...

My only question is, why is it only 12? Where's the teamwork for christs sake. If one goes, we all go, that should be the team. When is Kyle Wright genna impregnate a teacher? When is Baraka Atkins genna rob a bank? This is the real reason why tOSU beat the U for the title, tOSU goes the extra mile when it comes to this stuff. You think these players would be missing games under Tressel Heck No. Miami needs that kind of committment if they ever wanna get back to the glory days of Jimmy and Dennis.