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Monday, August 07, 2006

Mailing It In

Gene Wojciechowski over at espn.com has written a pro-Lloyd Carr article while covering the Big Ten football meeting in Chicago. Normally we here at the MZone like to see these pro-Lloyd articles and use some of the points made to help in our support of Coach Carr.

But this article was the most boiler-plate piece of crap that I've seen from the Worldwide Leader in some time. And that's saying something. Besides focusing on how there are blogs out there that call for Lloyd's firing, Wojciechowski adds nothing that we haven't seen on the Web dozens of times. It's as if Wojciechowski rolled out of bed, took the "L" down to the Hyatt, talked to Lloyd for five minutes, updated the article he wrote about Carr last year, and was done quickly enough to catch the Cubs at Wrigley.

Brian over at MGoBlog has rightfully taken umbrage to the depiction of all Michigan bloggers, and Michigan fans for that matter, as ready to burn Carr's image in effigy. In fact, of the three blogs that Wojciechowski lists to show how irate the Michigan blogosphere is, two have been registered but don't have Web sites, and the other never had a post until Wojciechowski's article appeared on Friday. Maybe Wojciechowski was in such a hurry to get to that Cub game that he just assumed there was an endless list of anti-Carr blogs, and he didn't bother to click on Google to see how few there are.


a texas ex said...

I crept over from hornfans after the bomar debacle. And this comment sounds random, but whoever writes your blogs is an incredibly gifted writer. The blogs are always concise, powerful and well written.

Kudos. Honestly, I am not surprised, but the U of M is a helluva school. Maybe better than Texas-and that is saying something!

Yost said...

Tex Ex,

Thank you! Really appreciate the kind words.

Thanks for stopping by.

cottoncandy said...

"Michigan, we're better than Texas."

All those at schools like Stanford and Northwestern feel just terrible about this.

Other Andrew said...

I realize that Gene may have been reaching on the blog/website listings, but I believe that there are a lot of Michigan fans who will never be statisfied with Lloyd, no matter what he does. I know a ton of 'em. My response is always to ask them who they'd prefer to see and they never have an answer. They probably can't be satisfied. I don't think this was the case when I was in school - even with Gary Moeller (at least not to this degree). After last year, I don't know that the number of Lloyd haters has increased, but they are certainly crowing more loudly than ever.