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Friday, August 25, 2006

"Loud Out" T-Shirts Now Available

After putting up the (lack of) crowd noise post above, Benny and I came up with the idea for the shirts below. If athletic officals want "Maize Outs" this year, fine. But at least make sure they're loud.

You can purchase any of the above at the MZone CafePress Store. All are conveniently priced at $19.97. Your choices are as follows...

First up is our "Anti-Key Play" t-shirt. On the back it says, "Put the damn keys away!". (UPDATE: We have added white t-shirts with this logo for fans of other schools who have the same situation at their stadium)

Next we have our "Down in front is not a cheer" shirts. On the back, for the blue hairs seated behind you it says, simply, "Make noise!" (UPDATE: Due to reader comments and emails, we have added the reverse of this shirt with "Down in front is not a cheer" on the back).

Finally, for your viewing pleasure we give you our "No, I won't sit down" tee. On the back, it says, "Up in back!" (UPDATE: As above, we have now added the reverse of this shirt with "No, I won't sit down" on the back).

If you have any other shirt suggestions, please let us know.

UPDATE: Thanks for the suggestions. We have updated accordingly.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Nice shirts girls! Are you there to watch the game or just crap on other Michigan fans. I'd expect to see obnoxious shirts like that in East Lansing or Columbus, but not in Ann Arbor. You are some seriously boring people.

Cock D said...

hey - the "No - I won't sit down" shirt is a good idea - but you should put that text on the back.

Same goes for "Down in front is not a cheer"

Boomer Bear said...

Good point... unless there are alot of people at Michigan games looking behind them instead of towards the field... Which may be the case (not being able to look at the game) when the Irish are hanging 50 on the wolves this year (although I believe that is in Southbend).

Yost said...

Anon 3:55,

If you think those tame shirts are obnoxious, you're probably one of the folks we're talking about.

Mike said...

can you get the "No I Won't sit down" in another color by any chance? I would prefer orange but would understand if it was in white or something else.

Anonymous said...

If you aren't standing up, you're not at a football game. And if you're at home and you're not yelling your head off when the visitor is in 3rd down, you are not a fan. You might as well be at home because you are not helping.

But Michigan does not have the worst fans. Cal does. I'm a Horns fan and Michigan was very good at the Rose Bowl; but, you're right, they were very quiet and I sat in the Michigan section. I ran into Cal fans at the Las Vegas Bowl last year. They sat down, they told me to sit ("Sit down, Texas"; "Stand up, Cal"), would not yell (or jangle keys for that matter) on 3rd down, and drank white wine.

Fuckin' lame.

Good luck. Beat tOSU and Notre Dame.

Anonymous said...

On the back of the shirts you could put, "If you can read this ... STAND UP!"

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see this in scarlet and gray...Yes i'm one of those lingering Buckeyes. Anyway, at the NIU game, I got stuck in C deck for the first quarter, and apparently people sit down up there?!? It was odd. Then when i moved to A deck, the guy behind me asked me to not wave my towel anymore. Seems like no matter where you go, these idiots exist

Anonymous said...

"Down in front" should be in quotes. Excellent shirts...