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Friday, August 04, 2006

Hey, that's eight less teams we'll have to beat!

The NCAA announced on Tuesday that the post-season NIT basketball tournament is going to trim the number of teams in the tournament, from 40 down to 32. The field size actually returns to the same number that the NIT invited from 1980-2001.

Obviously, with fewer teams in the NIT, you could cut the excitement with a knife around A2. I mean, instead of having to grind it out against a 16-14 Antelope Valley Teachers College in the first round, Michigan can now skip right to 17-13 Pomona Tech School of the Blind in the round of 32. Sweet!


PSUMike said...

This sounds like the beginning of the end of the NIT. Now that the NCAA has control of it they will try to phase out the "other tournament." Betcha bucks the NCAA expands to include eight "play in" games (two per bracket) next year.

Cool Hand Mike said...

Michigan and South Carolina. Perennial NIT favorites.

Anonymous said...

I still don't see why SC was even in the NIT. They must've stunk it up for a good part of the year, because that team beat the Champs, Florida, twice last year. SC is a solid team.