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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

He's baaaaack...

Saw on the Wizard of Odds that my all-time, least favorite college football announcer is back on the air -- Trev Alberts. Alberts, who got shit-canned by ESPN last year, has been hired by CSTV (no, not the comedy show from Canada) as an analyst.

Also hired by the network was former FSU QB Chris Rix.

You know, on second thought, maybe this is a comedy thing.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Rix, Do you think you
can get any of us a handicapped
parking pass? Me heard they give
them out to all QB at FSU.

Hey Mr. Alberts, when you get
fired again for being an A$$ on tv
my daddy said he will give you a
job wiping up my drool.

Yours truly,
Special Ned

The King said...

I like Trev. At first I hated him, then I grew to like his super brash, tell it like it is style. His dynamic with Mark May (make Mark as angry as possible) was hilarious.

Chris Rix follows the playbook of the Lord. Check out his web site if you don't believe me. How am I going to bash on that?

BaggyPantsDevil said...

The real puzzler here--at least for me--is Chris Rix. If one's major qualification for analyzing college football games is being a former player, doesn't one need to have achieved some level of success in college football?

I can only imagine what his analysis will be. "Damn, he stay's calm under a heavy pass rush, sure wish I could have done that." "Wow, he's really living up to his potential, I wonder how that feels."

This is almost as ironic as Rix's "Champion Training Academy." Again, you kind of need to be a "champion" of something to use the word in the name of your training academy. How about "Overhyped Mediocrity Training Academy?" Or "The Do as I Say and Not as I Did Training Academy?"

Personally, I thought the Trev Alberts/Mark May dynamic was some damn fine entertainment. Nothing like watching two grow men disagree with each other out of pure reflex.

Anonymous said...

The Ass Clown is back, glad I don't have cstv

TitleIX said...

why you all hatin' on Trev???
he's no Brent Musburger....that guy SUCKS (and hates Michigan)

Erik said...

I hope Rix whoops this no talent ass clown!

Anonymous said...

Trev Alberts should have received a lifetime ban from college football for his prediction that BlowU would "blowout" USC in the 2004 championship game. I really thought he would stay in his hole till the class of '04 is too old to remember his retarded ass.