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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Genius vs. Genius: Ohio Edition

In the spirit of poking fun at the entire state of our biggest rival, we present you with the first of what we're sure will be many face offs between the best and brightest our neighbor to the south has to offer in the MZone Genius Competition: Ohio Edition.

The first involves a bar waitress in Westlake, Ohio. She was checking the ID of a woman to see if she was old enough to drink...and was handed her own stolen driver's license which was reported missing weeks earlier.

And in the red corner we present the billboard company that was hired to put up signs advertising the web site for Ohio license plates around the Toledo area. Only problem was the billboard company wasn't too good with the whole geography thing and ended up putting one of the signs in Michigan, just over the state line -- two miles over the state line. Oops. They've since covered it up.

So leave us your vote in the comment section on who should win the inaugural "Genius Award" for Ohio -- the ID thief or the billboard folks.


Anonymous said...

ID thief

Cock D said...

Dammit - i just came here to draw the ID thief story to your attention.

The M Zone never sleeps....

Definitely the ID Story - why does a 23 year old need a 22 year old's ID to prove that she is 21.

Fucking Ohio.

Anonymous said...

Casting my vote for Crable and Burgess. Leaving home only to keep getting beaten down by the school that they should have played for.... Genius!!!

Bacon said...

Gotta vote for not recognizing the person whose license you stole.

The billboard's an easy mistake to make if the state line isn't marked. The Louisiana/Mississippi line isn't marked on Highway 90, so unless you know where the state line is you have no idea which state you're in for a few miles.

COWolverine said...

I changed my mind and agree entirely with what cock d said. I was going to come say that the billboard company loses because while the waitress probably didn't have a sign saying "Jane Jones, yes that Jane Jones whose license you're holding" it seemed stupider for the billboard guys to miss the Welcome to Michigan sign (pretty sure that's marked on any highway crossing the border there).

However, then I read the little detail about the ID woman's age. It's flat out retarded to be using any stolen ID when you're actually 23 anyway. Even if your license is revoked, there has to be some way of getting booze with legal ID.

buckeye john said...

michigan can have toledo, we've never considered part of ohio anyway

blue2004 said...

Actually, that billboard thing ends up genius. First of all, Ohio drivers will still see it, just like I see billboards in Illinois when I cross over once in a while (I live in St. Louis)

But more importantly, the "mistake" brings more publicity to it, and maybe Ohioans are more aware of whatever license plate issue needed to be advertised, than if it was just a billboard in Ohio that gets mixed in with all the others.

dumbass ohioans said...

Either that or the billboard hangers split from the norm of Ohioans and used their pea-sized brains. Realizing that not a single cretin from Ohio can read they put up the billboard in Michigan in the hopes that some good samaratin would read it. He could then break it down into simple grunts and hand gestures so the pathetic Corkies and Rain Men to our Southeast could grasp the concept.
Definitely the ID thief on the award. Those billboard hangers were actually very insightful to put up the board in Michigan. Pure genius.