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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Game Week is Finally Here!

Hope you all fun Saturday doing all the unimportant stuff we all do before the season starts. You know, like fixing things around the house, weddings, spending time with your kids, crap like that.

Well, no more. Not for another 12 weeks at least. Hey, those exposed electrical wires can wait. A real friend wouldn't get married in the fall. And didn't you just spend all summer vacation with your kids? Sheesh.

We here at the MZone can't wait for kickoff either. As such, we have a host of new posts for your viewing pleasure today:

* The latest suspension at Miami leaves the team in a bind
* The Key Play Curse strikes Notre Dame
* What do Journey and Phil Collins have to do with college football in 2006?
* A collection of all the OSU stuff found and sent our way
* Either the coolest pong shot video ever or the reason today's college students are waaaaay behind the rest of the world academically

Finally, a big thanks to all those who bought t-shirts after reading our post last week about turning the Big House into the LOUD House. Mucho appreciated.


Wild Willie said...

... crap like that. This last weekend I was confronted with a major dilemna. As a TX alum, there are at least three games per year that you absolutely do not miss. ou being the one posing my current dilemna. I was informed by my wife that on the same day I would have to make it to my mother-in-laws 60th birthday, and this was not up for debate. Understanding the politics of this situation I have decided to extend the debate (yes it is up for debate) out over the next month to help increase my chances of watching the game. My question for all out there is what advice do you have to aid in my debate. Keep in mind that childish illogical answers will only hurt me.

Benny Friedman said...

Wild Willie, you really only have one choice: Fake your own death.
I gotta believe you're not the only one going to this party that wants to watch the game. Actually, if you are, that might be better as you can TiVo the game and not have to worry about finding out the result beforehand.

Yost said...

Did you tell your wife, why have a 60th birthday (everybody does that) when you can have a surprise 61st birthday...in the summer. Best part of that, she won't suspect a thing.

Just trying to help.

Boomer Bear said...

I think the Tivo idea is great. I do it all the time (have 2 now for premium sports watching) and it usually works out great with no commercials or stupid half time commentary. I married into a Texas family and they wouldn't dream of missing the big games for birthday parties, they would just move the party. Try to do it on Saturday night (or if its the Ohio State game - shoot for Friday Night). Other than that the fake death Benny suggested is looking pretty good!

"The Bear"

Boomer Bear said...

Also guys,

What do you think about Georgia Tech? From all reports I am hearing they have a great reciever and the Notre Dame opener with them will be a lot tougher than the Irish are expecting. Any insider info on this?

"The Bear"

Anonymous said...

Why don't you give your mother-in-law an even bigger gift by separting from your wife for a couple of weeks? If she is like my mother-in-law, this will tickle her pink and you don't have to go to this party. Then you guys make up in a couple of weeks and everyone is happy. I used to use this when single for Valentines Day, weddings, Xmas...works great and you save a lot of money too!

Anonymous said...

TIVO or DVR rules- you get very spoiled being able to zap through commercials, time outs, etc., as well as having complete control of instant and slo-motion replays. The biggest problem is making it safely back to the TV without hearing the score.

Yost said...

So true, Anon. You MUST avoid any and all phonecalls, emails, newscasts. There is always some "friend" leaving this message...

"Dude! Can you fucking believe it?! Holy shit!? We won!"

TitleIX said...

need more info....
what time is the party? is it in the same time zone or a different time zone???
do you have a brother-in-law???

this takes an Ocean's Eleven
we need details!

Kirbdaddy said...

Yost, just wanted to let you know that that the Lexington (KY) Herald-Leader listed The M Zone as one of its best college football blogs to visit in its college football preview. Congrats!!!

Yost said...


No kidding?! Sweet. Do you have a link?

Yost said...

Found it.

Allaha said...

WW, the only option is to take the mother in law out to dinner BEFORE her brithday so that you can enjoy quality time before the game. When the game is on, you leave her time to attend to other guests, thereby being the perfect son in law. If your wife quibbles, you remind her that that you will take the m-i-l to brunch the FOLLOWING day to share her happiness and memories.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am now divorced, so it is unclear that I can offer quality advice on m-i-l interaction.

Wild Willie said...

The advice is wonderful, and I am sure that I will have to employ the dvr. My only hope is that it is an early kick off (12 eastern), and then I can just be late to the party. I have such a hard time not watching games live, but dvr is the next best thing. ... Or maybe faking my death is a better thing.

Brad said...

Yost, also key is avoiding the reverse phone call:

"Dude! Can you fucking believe it?! Holy shit!? We lost! [COACH] should be fired!!"

If a loss occurs and I don't know about it beforehand, I can at last watch the game and understand how it happened. But if I find out before there's no way in hell I'm watching the recording.