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Friday, August 18, 2006

Friday Wrap Up

Here are a couple quick hitters to tide you over until Monday.

* Earlier this week, we put up a post about UCLA walk-on Andrew Baumgartner whose scholarship was pulled out from under him by Karl Dorrell to make way for other recruits. For the home town take on the incident, check out Nestor's post over at Bruins Nation.

* Remember the good ol' days when Michigan would do this really crazy, weird thing and run the ball effectively while also beating its arch rivals? Neither do we. But to help jog all our memories, MZone reader Andy has put together this video from Bo's last game against the Bucks in '89. During the 2nd quarter, Michigan grabbed the game and never let go with a pounding 13 play 81 yard drive in which we never threw the ball once. Ah, memories.

He goes on to state that, "given our current stock of quality running backs (Michael Hart, Kevin Grady, Jerome Jackson, and incoming freshman Carlos Brown) there is no reason we should not establish a good ground game each and every game."

We can only hope, Andy. We can only hope.

* Matt emailed from Alaska to his site, The College Football Index, had decided to "screw preseason polls, let's check out chicks." Being the home of the Blog Co-ed Showdown, we were initially all in favor. However, upon further review, we discovered it was a clean but very, very, very in-depth analysis of the Miss Teen USA Pageant. Apparently there is a lot of time to kill in the only state without a college football team.


* In the comments section of our post yesterday about the two Ohio high school football players who are being allowed to finish their senior football seasons this fall before serving their 60 days in juvenile detention for a prank that left two men seriously injured in a car crash, one of our readers said he heard that the driver of the vehicle that crashed was under the influence of marijuana and driving at a high rate of speed. The implication was such knowledge would and/or should color thoughts about the suspended sentence of the two football players.

However, neither of those facts was in the two articles we had seen about the story. But, MZone reader CrimeNotes was able to find something from the July Lima News with that information and the efforts by the prosecution to keep it out of the court testimony and defense attempts to keep it in.


DevilGrad said...

I am but a simple unfrozen caveman tax lawyer, but I don't see how the victims' impairment affects the Kenton kids' *criminal* liability. It would be relevant as contributory negligence in a civil suit but doesn't change the Kenton kids' culpability or mens rea. I assume the judge kept that evidence out as potentially prejudicial to the jury.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the 13 play drive against OSU, Bo's decision to run-run-run had much more to do with necessity, than with any old school mentality. That O-Line featured 4 NFL O-Lineman (2 of which were Pro Bowlers), and NFL TE, and NFL HB, and NFL FB. Add to the mix that your QB couldn't throw more than 5 yards downfield, and you have all the ingredients for a run-first (or only) offense.

It's all about the O-Line in college, boys. You can have all the 5-star RBs, WRs and QBs that you can handle. They won't accomplish anything without a good O-Line. That's why 2005 was so rough and why 2006 could be rougher. Other than Jake Long, is there an O-lineman remotely good enough to make an NFL roster?

Yost said...

Yeah, what DevilGrad said.

IC said...

Anon, you make some excellent points re. the quality of that team and the importance of a great offensive line.

I was at that '89 M-tOSU game and I enjoyed seeing that drive again. Certainly running the ball down a weaker team's throat is a strategy I support. But I cringe at the implication that this style of “Old School Big Ten” football is somehow more worthy of respect than a dominant passing game or a balanced offensive attack.

It was fun to take that YouTube trip back in time. But after waving away the fog of nostalgia, I recalled that the “Old School Big Ten” football personified by Bo was also marked by the consistent failure to adapt when confronted by talented offenses that could run and throw and by defenses that could stack up physically against our predictable approach.

Beaker said...

i remember debating with some michigan fans years ago. the michigan fans were cracking on Tom Osborne for being a dinosaur for running the ball way too much.

And today, Nebraska has gone West Coast and Michigan fans long for the days of 3 yards and a cloud of dust.

Bruce said...

Typical ucla response to the issue.... no matter what happens over there, it's always compared or goes back to USC.... nevermind that this same "yellow" journalist penned a column in 98 proclaiming LA a bruin town, he's clearly on the SC payroll. What a little brother complex, I'm assuming this is what you get with the MSU crowd as well.

Anonymous said...

Anon said it better than I ever could.

It's all about the O-Line, and we don't have one.

By the way, did you notice how many people carried the ball in that drive? Hoard, Bunch, Jefferson, Taylor.

We've had SEASONS where the fullback hasn't carried the ball 5 times - much less drives!

Anonymous said...

Miss teen USA. Nice. I would glady take the losers to console them in my arms as long as they are 18. But like all perverts I can wait till they turn 18.

I think they would be down with visiting me at my parents house since I live in the basement and can come and go as I please.

Mom don't turn the light on I am busy.

Beban said...

Yup, that damn UCLA little brother complex. Better academics, better campus, better location, tougher admissions, less expensive, 99 total national championships, Number 1 athletics department of all-time, nicer stadium.

That damn inferiority complex gets you every time. Know a little bit about something before you throw out stupidity.

Andy said...

I couldn't agree with the O-Line comments more. I am getting sick and tired of watching Michigan not establish the run against a good team. I think the last time we had a good run attack against a good defense was the 2003 Ohio State game with Chris Perry.

BTW, that WR standing next to Bo on the 1st play (he got in a few blocks during the drive) was Desmond Howard.

TitleIX said...

ditto on the O-line comments, but if you watch the film closely you will notice many more important nuances....
1) BLOCKING full-backs and guards taht PULL
2) wishbone formation
3) slow d-backs not on "enhancers"
4) and, the beloved astro-turf and short walls at our dear Michigan Stadium.
who else out there has a floor mat or coasters made out of that stuff?????

Andy said...

You forgot to add the little snap-shot of Alonzo Spellman's NFL future:

"he's simply....ahhh....not ready to play right now..."

Confused ? check out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alonzo_Spellman

Anonymous said...

Hey all. I'm the original anon, and I plead guilty as charged. My coffee mug is sitting on a UM turf coaster right now.

Like ic, I was at the '89 game (my senior year). My recollection is that we bemoaned the "old school" football espoused by Bo, b/c it caused us to repeatedly pound our fists onto our temples every time Bo ran up the middle on 3rd and 5.

Moderation is nice.

(To Yost, Bennie, et al: Thanks for running such a fantastic site)

Anonymous said...

...I forgot to mention that while we bemoaned the "old school" scheme back then, I'd take the talent on those teams any day.

I still shake my head at how those 1988 and 1989 teams lost their games.