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Thursday, August 17, 2006

First Blogpoll Ballot

Brian over at MGoBlog, besides running one of the best sites out there, somehow has enough time to also run the Blogpoll, a weekly Top 25 culled from a cross section of college football blogs on the Internet.

After much internal disagreement, we submitted our first ballot which was as follows.

1Florida State 25
2Texas 24
3Auburn 23
4Ohio State 22
5Louisiana State 21
6Southern Cal 20
7Notre Dame 19
8Florida 18
9West Virginia 17
10Louisville 16
11Oregon 15
12Virginia Tech 14
13Miami (Florida) 13
14Iowa 12
15Michigan 11
16Oklahoma 10
17Arizona State 9
18Texas Tech 8
19Clemson 7
20Alabama 6
21Cal 5
22Georgia 4
23Penn State 3
24Tennessee 2
25Colorado 1

Dropped Out:

Feel free to chime in as we know that trying to make such predictions in August is akin to picking Lotto numbers.


Brad said...

How is it that everyone's #1 team just looks wrong this year in some way? It really is wide open.

And I think everyone's got Texas too high. They'll be good, but not national championship contender good. The last team to do that with a freshman QB was Virgina Tech, with Ron Mexico Sr.

Yost said...

Couldn't agree more, Brad, our choice included. We actually changed it a couple times.

I actually wanted to leave our #1 slot blank but Benny said that was cheating.

Allaha said...

In a wonderful break from recent history, this year there is no clearly dominant team; indeed, many respected polls have a remarkable mix of teams in their Top 5.

I would be grateful if someone would explain to me the object of pre-season polls: is it a forecast of what the final polls will look like, or is it a best guess of how the different teams currently stack up?

Brad, while I agree Texas may not be a contender, they have as good a shot as anyone at the title (notwithstanding a very tough schedule, albeit made somewhat easier by Bomar's demise). Furthermore, you would be surprised -- at least I was -- by the number of first year starters that have led teams to championships.

Yost, FSU? Are you just trying to charm the pants off the cowgirl?

Yost said...


That was a strictly, "we have to pick someone" pick.

Beban said...

I have the same complaints with your poll as I have with Nestor's over at Bruins Nation. Florida's too high (schedule), Iowa is too low, Arizona State is a chronic underachiever, and Va Tech has no QB. Other than that, it's a very solid poll.

Can't spell Lloyd without 2 "L's" said...

I'm thinking LSU @ 1, but most of the top 10 you could almost throw in a hat and pick em out. I think Texas is too high, but your pick of ND at 7 I think is more accurate than most pollsters, because their D is iffy, and their schedule has a couple toughies.

beast in 'bama said...

First let me say that I am addicted to this blog. Very funny and insightful, guys.

As for the poll, my 'Horns are too high - they'll be good this year, but not shoe-shoppin' good. If the Buckeyes beat them in Austin, I'll be a believer in tosu - but not until then.

No, this year there are going to be several dark horse teams to watch. First, there's Tennessee. Fat Phil's got the right schedule and Cutcliffe is back. Watch them carefully.

Another darkhorse is Nebraska, whom you don't even have in your poll. The barometer for them will be Texas in Lincoln.

And my third dark horse is Michigan You lost five games last year, but weren't they all by five points or less? Don't you have tosu in A2 this year (see, I'm even getting the lingo down)? Don't you have a butt-load of skill players back?

And as much as I dislike his personality, you've got Lloyd Carr. Whatever it is, he always gets his teams play HARD. Two of the best games I've ever seen involved Carr's guys never, ever giving up. The 2000 Orange Bowl (1999 season) against a good Alabama team. I became a Tom Brady believer that night. What is it about 'Bama vs. Michigan? All great games.

The 2005 Rose Bowl vs. the 'Horns? No losers in that one, ya'll. Lloyd's boys left their guts out on that field that night, too.

My point is this - I think Lloyd will adjust his defense (now that the heat's up a little bit), the schedule is good, and Michigan will always play hard. This is going to be a good year for the Wolverines!

Anonymous said...

If tOSU goes thru September undefeated, then we can think about the MNC. We still have to win the last seven games against the likes of MSU and UM etc. Until that happens its wide open.

Scott Boswell said...

Texas will beat Tosu and pass on the secrets to Carr.

ShaunTX said...

I think the 9 new starters for tOSU will be greatly helped by 1 new starter under center for Tex.

but I think Bucks lose 1 MAYBE 2 in some iffy game during the conf schedule.

Klak said...

Alright! Go Noles! But seriously, we're not #1. I would've left #1 blank too. But I suppose having FSU at #1 shows just how wide open it is this year. Should be a great season without all the USC sackriding.

CaliGirl said...

Pretty good list, but I do think that pre-season polls are simply to get fans pumped up for the season and sell magazines. How can anyone predict how a team will play when EVERYONE has lost starters is beyond me. I feel rankings should come out AFTER at LEAST one game is played so we see how each team has gelled over the summer.

With that said, I personally think you have ASU too low. Yes, they tend to self-destruct at times. However, you must remember, they really only lost 3 key players (Derek Hagan, Matt Miller and Moey Mutz). They have 2 QBs that EACH threw for over 2000 yards, the only 2 in the nation to accomplish such impressive numbers. They have one of the best LB transfers in the nation with Loren Howard (previously of Northwestern). 4 deep at running back...so good in this position that natural WR Rudy Burgess can now go back to playing WR instead of RB, as he has the last 2 years. Keep your eyes open for them.

SC has lost its 3 headed monster, and most of their starters for the year have yet to play a college game....hmmmm

BUT note, I bleed Maize & Blue and when it comes down to it...I always think Michigan is ranked too low.

Anonymous said...

As an obsessed LSU fan (father and uncle played for Charlie Mac) I think LSU is top 10 good, but think our schedule is too brutal for us to be a nat'l title contender. I hope I'm wrong.

I'm also not sold on Ohio State. Too much defense lost. The UT/OSU game is going to be incredible though.

Keep up the good work on this blog.

ososdeoro said...

Yeah, I think ASU should be in the list, even though they've never proven they can play defense the past four years. But I think their offense is good enough to pull them into the top 25. 17 is about as high as I'd possibly go, though.

Anonymous said...

Not sure how one could include Colorado (apparently losing your star TEs, QB, and replacing an entire coaching staff isn't a concern?), but completely ignore Nebraska. I'm not claiming that Nebraska is Top 10 material (at this point), just questioning how they could be excluded after defeating CU 30-3 and beating Michigan in the Alamo Bowl. Nebraska returns a substantial/critical portion of both its offense and defense. Just something to consider. Great blog, guys.

Roy said...

Considering that Nebraska is going to win the title, this is a pretty funny list.