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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Fill 'er Up!

I have to say, I think this picture is Photoshopped -- where the hell can you find gas for only $2.79 a gallon?!

Thanks to the MZone reader P. for the pic.


D. King said...

They are a little behind the curve with everything in Tuscaloosa, apparently gas prices included. The Tide Nation has a tough time letting go of their past good 'ole days and recognizing they are now owned by that "cow college" east of them.


tideandtiger said...

Mr King that picture was taken in Auburn. Look at the sign behind the post, something about Tiger whatever. Ok go up North and pay higher gas prices or maybe Holland where it over $7 a gallon

Anonymous said...

TideandTiger - the sign in the background clearly says Flowers. Of course, being an SEC guy you probably can't read.

tideandtiger said...

but I passed Sociology

Anonymous said...

Gas down here in Georgia is pretty cheap. Today it was 2.72, the lowest I saw on my way to work.

Go Buckeyes!!!

Anonymous said...

I drove by that gas station. Definitely wasn't photoshopped.

Anonymous said...

Clearly photoshopped. The letters in the message are much sharper and less blurred than anything else in the picture.

Sports on a Schtick said...

LOL, at first I thought that sign said SCIENTOLOGY CREDITS.

That actually would've made more sense.

Nicole said...

Gas in Memphis is $2.85, which is close ... and hell, I got excited when it was $3.07 here in the midwest.

Tanner said...

I dont know why gas is so expensive up there becouse I live in Tennessee and gas here is $2.13 a gallon.