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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Don't Piss Off UGA Students at McDonald's

Forget them Dawgs between the hedges, watch your ass between the Arches at UGA. Police in Athens arrested a University of Georgia student who allegedly ran into two other customers with her car after she felt they cut in line on her.

The 24 year old woman, Ruth Driscoll-Dunn, was arrested at her house and charged with two counts of aggravated assault. The women who were hit were not seriously injured.

"Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce-- hey, get the fuck out of my way!"


Anon.4 said...

In defense of the suspect people in the south are much larger, call it what it is obese. So she probably could not have missed them.

Can't spell Lloyd without 2 "L's" said...

"I'll have a McFenderBender and a side of whiplash, please."

Anonymous said...

Sounds like they didn't deserve a brake today.

Anonymous said...

yeah, don't piss of them. really you shouldn't piss of anyone. simetimes i piss of stuff, but i try never to piss of people. especially of UGA students. they're the last people i want to piss of.

Yost said...

Oops. If you only knew the time we write this stuff.

Thanks, Anon.

Anonymous said...

Just for the info of all who actually read things on this site....the student accused of "hitting" two women at McD's is a good person who was in the wrong place at the wrong time and is now being falsely accused by two women looking for their 15min in fame and/or a handout! There was no proof, no injuries, and yet the life of this poor UGA student was destroyed and joked about. Where are the injuries to the women? If I was hit by a car and I called the police to report it, I would have to be injured!! Not Melinda and Linda Thomas (the supposed "victims"). I understand that after seeing the size of these women that it may seem like they were hard to miss since they weighed about 500lbs a piece (like mother like daughter!! HA!Ha!) Anyways, I know the girl who was arrested and the incident had two sides and Ruth Driscoll-Dunn did nothing wrong! How this country can believe such a one-sided story is beyond me! Honestly, does this sound realistic to anyone???? Let's improve our level of reporting and try to eliminate hearsay which would have eliminated the entire article about the so-called "McD's Rage!"

Yost said...


If true, please send me a link w/ that side of the story. Would love to read and post.

Anonymous said...

Uhhhh, if someone aimed car at me I would be dialing 911 faster than you can super size regardless of whether or not I was hurt. That gal had intent to hurt them and she needs some help before she flies off the handle at someone else. Her being a "good" person is irrelevant here.

Anonymous said...

As for the "good" person comment, it was a character descriptionnot a declaration of innocent or guilty. AND she actually did NOT aim the car towards anyone and if you follow the case to the end you will feel really bad for suggesting that a person that you don't even know and have never met needs help before "flying off the handle again." It's too bad that most people out there simply believe anything they hear and make judgements accordingly. Fortunately some of us do check sources and do realize that the Associated Press often gets the stories wrong, not to mention local police. A good example of this is the John Carr Arrest/Release!! So think before you make judgements. When this case is over, I promise that all who impulsively judged Ruth Driscoll-Dunn will owe her an apology. You'll see! And, in response to the person who wants more info, all I can say is keep watch on the case and you will see. Unlike the supposed "victims," Ruth is not talking to the press until this entire ordeal is over at which point she will clear up any misunderstandings....like normal people do. Too bad Ruth was actually turning away from the women who were chasing her out of the lot, AND nobody, even the Police, can tell for sure if the women even made contact with the moving vehicle. So for those people who just enjoy to make hurtful comments and psychiatric evaluations of people they don't know.....maybe it is you that needs some type of help (but I will not be so stupid as to suggest what kind of help since I am not a doctor nor am I a therapist of any kind and I will leave the decision of what kind of help you need to the professionals....please see one!).

Anonymous said...

whoa, there. you're really *not* doing your friend any favors by posting this kind of crazy rant. are you two related? that might explain some things.

Anonymous said...

No, just a concerned friend. And not a "crazy" rant....just telling the truth and upset by the judgemental nature of people in this country. Before anyone claims that I was "ranting" think about how you would feel in this girl's position and/or her friend??? Hardly a rant, and hardly crazy.

Over and Out.

Anonymous said...

To the person attacking the defender of the "raged" woman...who do you think you are? Are you even involved? Do you even have any idea what you are talking about or are you trying to not only insult the author of the comment, but the woman in the article as well? Sounds like you *are* the crazy one...hmmmmm. :)

Yost said...

Dear anonymous "friend of the driver,"

Our link in the initial post wasn't from some chain email or something like that, it was to an AP story. Yet you claim it's not true and the woman, your friend, is falsely accused.

So I say again, do you have any link or proof of this? One would think that such an outright lie by the other women, once discovered, would get some press.

Thus, until such evidence from a reputable source is offered, I will continue to believe the version of events put forth by the AP and not an anonymous reader in our comments section.

Anonymous said...

On November 1, 2006 Ruth Driscoll-Dunn's Case was dismissed by an ACC Grand Jury for absolute lack of evidence......see the AP posting that you obviously swear by!