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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Cowboys Cut Henson, Tony Romo #2 QB

Former Michigan QB Drew Henson has been cut by the Dallas Cowboys.

Once the most sought-after QB in the land coming out of high school, Henson went from collegiate star to a guy who couldn't beat out a QB who sounds like he was named after a chain of rib joints. His long, slow steady decline began after he boned Michigan during spring practice in 2001, suddenly leaving the Wolverines without warning to sign with Steinbrenner's Yankees where he tanked at third base.

Apparently all those Drew Henson voodoo dolls Michigan fans have been using since then are still working.


Anonymous said...

The problem with that voodoo doll is that Henne, wearing the same number, might be feeling the effects. Am I right?

Yost said...


At least that might explain a hell of a lot from last season.

Anonymous said...

1. He had a Major League Contract with the Yankees. (Wiki - US$17-million offer from the New York Yankees)

2. He played in the NFL (1 game?) and had a NFL contract with the Cowboys.

3. If he invested reasonably well, he is worth millions.

Hello - Henson -- You are one "Hot" Michigan Alum (not sure if he graduated, but who cares) -- Please give Generously!

And, most importantly, he still is pretty healthy, so he can give generously for years.

Yes -- even your "fatal attraction" to Henson's early departure, will not reduce the memory of this great player's past contribution and future contribution to the University of Michigan.

Put the double L over your head and look in the mirror. You and all us fanboys who could never even get close to the amazing athletic achievements of Drew Henson. Then get back to work on my favorite blog.


Anonymous said...

I think the Anon 3.14am post is missing some key information.

Henson's Yankee contract was highly back-loaded. I haven't done the research, but I seem to remember that something like $ 14+ million of it was to be paid in the last two years of the contract. That's why I was so shocked that he went to the Cowboys, because it seemed that he was giving up guaranteed baseball money to take "if-come" football money.

As far as his NFL contract is concerned, I'd guess that none of it was guaranteed and most of it was incentive-based (roster bonus, games played, stats, etc).

As I said above, I haven't done the research and I don't KNOW these things - but I don't think Drew has done as well financially as everyone thinks he has (even though I'm sure he has done much, much better than nearly everyone else his age).

fish747 said...

The bottom line is that Henson never accomplished anything since high school, yet he was given everything.
He was given the chance to play on UM's baseball team by Lloyd. He convinced numerous players to attend Michigan, including David Terrell, yet he left before he accomplished anything (name one thing he accomplished here except to be the QB during our greatest O-Line ever assembled). He was given a huge, unheard of baseball contract by the Yankees for someone who couldn't produce in AAA baseball. Then he was drafted by the HOUSTON TEXAS, who he refused to play for because they "weren't good enough" and of course got his way and made it to Dallas. He is the most over-hyped athlete in Michigan history and was given every possible opportuninty to succeed, yet he never accomplished shit. Hope he enjoys selling insurance.

The King said...

I hate Drew Henson. I don't mind that he left Michigan early...lots of guys do that every year...I mind that he did it after playing all of spring ball promising he would stay, which left us with no QB and no NCAA legal time in which to find one before two-a-days. It's classless and on par with Sam Keller, who renegged on us on signing day 4 years ago without telling any of our coaches...and now look at where these two are. Karma's a bitch, mofos.

Also, and this is just a side note, but I thought Henson didn't end up with the Texans because they drafted him entirely as a trading commodity...they had just picked David Carr a year or two earlier and at the time were still optimistic about him...

Anonymous said...

Why do you so hate a guy who gave so much to the Michigan program. He left on short notice because he got a once in a lifetime opportunity with the Yankees? Of course better planning for his departure on both Michigan and Henson would have been nice.

If he had stayed at Michigan and gotten permanently hurt in that last year, thereby screwing his baseball contract chance with the Yankees, you would be calling him an idiot.

As to the contract issues, you may be right. There is an article at the NYT that I am too cheap to look up that says he gave up $12 million to go to the NFL. Guess its not all about the money after all. LMAO


TitleIX said...

Ok--shout out to the REAL #7....

Ricky Leach who kicked ass as a Michigan QB and THEN went on to play baseball at the age of 23 for our beloved Detroit Tigers. (although he headed to the Blue Jays in 1984...)

Drew Henson was stupid to leave.
Plain and simple.

CaliGirl said...

What goes around comes around. Kharma is a bitch.

Boomer Bear said...


Is there an "h" in Karma. I think you are referring to the company that "makes speakers with ceramic drivers and cables from the Netherlands." At least that is what google told me. On another note, Henson was never really comfortable down here in Dallas. I think he was a flop but part of that is to blame on the way Parcells handled him. I don't think he ever really got a good shake down here. Oh well, at least we have "the statue" Bledsoe.

"The Bear"