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Friday, August 11, 2006

Clarett Update: Lint Roller Found in Car

Besides the guns, the hatchet and the Grey Goose vodka, the latest shocking revelation to come out in the whole sorid Maurice Clarett tale is shown in the just-released police photo of Clarett's car after his arrest.

Yes, folks, he was packing a lint roller.

His bail was set today at $5 million which is a million for each gun and another mil for the lint roller.


CaliGirl said...

Thought he could clean up his mess?

Anonymous said...

You gots to keep yo shit fresh and lint free when driving with the goose and aboout to get loose with the po po.

Anonymous said...

And they would have let him walk if not for the "Hail to the Victors" CD. Now he'll get life, or worse, death. It must suck when both life and death are bad options.

cottoncandy said...

Anon 12:47, you gotta set some limits, you know.

Anonymous said...

Lint rollers lift fingerprints...I'm thinking this may be more the motive here.

The King said...

Is that seriously a picture from his car? What the fuck kind of weapon is that? That's no "For my protection" handgun...

BaggyPantsDevil said...


It's a post-assault rifle ban AK-47. The funky looking buttstock/pistol grip combination is what keeps it legal.

tyrone butterfingers said...

Maybe it's a Chamillionaire CD.

Anonymous said...

The CD is DMX Grand Champ. If you're gonna do some crazy shit DMX is perfect to set the mood.

Hoyasaxa said...

How do you guys not have this video link put on the site?


Anonymous said...

A deeply troubled person who can't be reached right now.
Many a larger man has fallen to the corrupting power of "Yes, you can do that".

Can't spell Lloyd without 2 "L's" said...

I have two theories on the lint roller:

1) It's to clean any gun-shot residue (GSR) off his clothes and/or hands,

2) He thought maybe lint on his clothing resulted in tremendous amounts of drag, which resulted in slowing him down while running his 40. Lint removal = faster 40 time.