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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Cheating doesn't pay...except in this case where it pays $2.2 mil

Unreal. No other way to describe it.

Even though former Buckeye bball coach Jim O'Brien cheated by giving a recruit $6,000 in cash - then lied and covered it up - a judge ruled Ohio State still had to pay him $2.2 million because the school, get this - failed to follow the terms of his contract.

According to the dumbest contract ever negotiated by people allegedly holding law degrees, Tosu attorneys gave O'Brien a deal that made it virtually impossible to fire O'Brien, even for NCAA violations. When strict rules for his firing were not followed, O'Brien sued and - ta-da! - $2.2 million, baby.

What a crock of shit. Here's one instance where I actually agree with the Buckeyes. Although, having to pay out all that money will probably mean less cash to go around to the football team. So there is that bonus.

Thanks to reader MB and a number of others for this tip.


TideInTx said...

One of the funniest thing I heard on the radio was that one of his Serbian recruits passed organic chemisty at tOSU and couldn't speak any english. How did he even get admitted in?

surrounded in columbus said...

it's an odd little story.
from what you can learn reading the Dispatch over the last couple of year's, it appears that O'Brien's K included a very detailed format for tosu to follow before they could fire him for any NCAA violations. under the procedure, O'Brien could be fired only after an investigation was completed, that investigation had found and reported violations to the NCAA, and the NCAA leveled significant sanctions.

as it is, the ensuing investigation took 2 years. had they followed that process, during those two years O'B would have still been coach and entitled to his full compensation.

Geiger didn't follow that procedure (not even close), but skipped all of it and went straight to firing him. maybe not a bad decision from ethics stand point, but clearly inconsistent w/ the K.

the judge ruled that the infractions weren't "serious" enough (ala Mike Price) to trigger any of the other clauses in the K (morals clauses, etc.,) that would allow the school to otherwise fire him "for cause" w/ out following the process. therefore, the school should have followed the procedure in the K for "ordinary" ncaa infractions (at tosu, they have both kinds of infractions- ordinary and extraordinary).

consequently, the courts basically have awarded O'B the money he would have made had tosu followed the K and taken the two years to investigate and finalize things w/ the NCAA and THEN fire him. he should thank his lawyers and tosu should fire theirs.

a couple of noteworthy points-

one, the quick, decisive handling of the "on the outs" b-ball coach situation and the blind eye shown towards "everyone loves Switzer/Tre$$el" really is a stark contrast.

two, use cash. who the f' writes checks?

three, couldn't happen to a nicer, more deserving bunch of people.

cottoncandy said...

Good thing we DO have you surrounded.

Cool Hand Mike said...

Was this the same Jim O Brien that torpedoed Boston College in the late 90's?

surrounded in columbus said...

yes. sorta' the lou holtz of b-ball.