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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A Buckeye We Actually Like

Believe it or not, Benny and I have have always been big fans of former Tosu QB and ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit. I think he's the best college football analyst out there. Well, Herbstreit has released his Sixth Annual Herbie Awards. Of interest to Michigan fans:

--He names his top 5 RBs but Michale Hart is not among them.
--He lists Chad Henne as the 3rd best "old school" QB (classic dropback style).
--He lists Leon Hall as the 2nd best CB
--He names Michigan as one of the teams "Movin' Up"
--Regarding the upcoming season he states, "Following a 7-5 season and the ridicule that goes along with it, the Wolverines have too much pride not to come out swinging."
--He lists Brandon Miner as one of the top true freshman
--He claims Michigan has the 4th best student section (really?) and we're a bit puzzeled by his comments about it: "Based solely on outstanding organization (although it loses points for the smart-aleck factor). I do, however, admire its energy."
--Prettiest coeds are in the SEC (hey, hot girls are always of interest).
--For his "All Uniform Team" (Players who just look good in their uniforms he lists guard Rueben Riley
--Shockingly, at the top of his Top 10 Gameday locations, he puts Ohio State (probably because he's the only one that doesn't have shit thrown at him)


Anonymous said...

Kirk Herbstreit still has never beaten Michigan...

Tom said...

I was a little bit surprised by the Herbies. The props for the Michigan student section were unexpected. He listed Texas A&M as moving down which was surprising considering the pass defense at least has no where to go after finishing dead last in the country a year ago. The defense as a whole finished 107th.

surrounded in columbus said...

you gotta give him credit- he's the highest paid tosu QB this side of troy smith.

however, he's not as impartial as he acts on tv. Herbstreit puts on a good show on Game Day, but his local radio show is pretty servile and lame. he's basically doles out the scarlet & gray kool aid on a daily basis, and is as big of a homer as the beat writers for the dispatch.

this has gotten much worse since the clarett interview in 2003. game day was on tosu campus for the washington huskie pregame and herbie put maurice on the air. that interview made the "situation" worse w/ the ncaa. herbie was accused of being a traitor, etc., and his ratings and sponsers plummeted. he has since pandered to tosu fans to atone.

financially, i don't blame him- he makes a ton of money on columbus radio, and no one stays on columbus radio if they don't sing out of the tosu hymnal (speilman's show is equally pathetic). but it's a mistake to think he's anything but a tosu sycophant dressed up in a neutral suit .

CaliGirl said...

I have to say, I never really admit he is nice to look at....strictly based on the fact that he is a Buckeye. It goes against all things I believe hahaha

BUT, if I have to disagree with any tOSU alum, I will take him anyday. (Ok, so I am showing my girly side)

dj_chickenskratch said...

South Carolina fans (like me) have noted that Sidney Rice is not among his top seven recievers in the nation. This is, shall we say, questionable.

Becky said...

That picture looks too much like an ex-boyfriend. *shudders* But I appreciate the beefcake effort.

Speaking of beefcake, why is Herbstreit ranking how dudes look in uniform? Isn't that OUR job as, you know, ladies?

clemsontiger said...

For dj_chickenskratch, there are actually football players at SC that even rate in someone's Top 10? The only thing questionable is if the 'Ol Ballcoach can get his Cocks up and maybe beat the Tigers. This could be an anomaly for the cocks because their record against Clemson over the last 10 years is 2-8. That includes a 1-5 record for the legendary Lou Holtz. Even Holtz couldn't will USC to have a winning record against Clemson. Overall in the 103 year history of the Battle for the supremacy of South Carolina, Clemson holds a very one-sided advantage over Carolina. The record you ask? 63-36-4. Choke on that.

TitleIX said...

thanks for beefy Kirk...he's almost as dreamy as Tom Brady (sigh)
Now, if you really want to get our attention please please please find a shirtless pic of Braylon and his 8 pack...(moan)