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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Buckeye Rappers: The Follow Up

A couple people seemed to think that the Buckeye rapper video we put up recently was a joke or, even worse, a diabolical plan by Wolverines trying to humilate Tosu nation.

Guess again.

Those guys are real. They call themselves the Sleepy Rappers and go by the names MC Snorz (shown here) and DJ Snooz (yes, really). In fact, here is their website.

Yost. Out.

P.S. In the comments section of our original link to their video, we got a comment from someone we're pretty sure is one of the SRs (we're not sure if it's Mr. Snorz or Mr. Snooz). Now, he could have lashed out at us for seemingly making fun of them (we were). But he didn't and for that, we give him mad crazy props fo' shizzle Tressizzle (or whatever the kids are saying these days in C-bus).


Becky said...

Yeah, so a click into their website offers this exciting tease:

COMING SOON..."THE PAJAMA PARTY" (the Sleepy Rappers Girls)

Oh, the humanity. Any guesses what kind of train wreck THAT'S gonna be?

Anon.4 said...

I wonder if the inspiration was "Sleepy Kid" from Recess? In my opinion they should have looked to Mikey since he was a poet and also Lasalle since he could also rhyme.

War Eagle In Fla said...

wow he has the trifecta:

and a inkling of a buckpatch

Coydawg said...

I just thought it was humorous and not meant to try and be overly serious. I liked it.