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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Buckeye Highlight Reel

In honor of Tosu's preseason #1 pick in the three major polls (hell yes, we're including the Blogpoll), frequent MZone reader contributor Andy has put together this Buckeye highlight reel.


Yes, I know we're opening ourselves up to a beating here from Buck fans who note the, uh, "lack" of highlights in the above the last five years. But the video was too good not to post.


buckeye band guy said...

Well.... it does have some of our greatest hits.

TitleIX said...

oh how i hate ohio state....

dude, great video, but their damn band??? you've been sitting behind them for far to long....

Anonymous said...

We will see when November comes around. Most of your clips were from the Cooper Era, Tress owns you now.

Herringbone said...

Talk about a waste of time and resources...

It is official. M-Zone Contributor Andy has no life outside of his mom's basement.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff, but as you can see in the early video, we should probably put the option back in the playbook to be successful.

Andy said...

For the record -- here is the buckeye coach data from the film:

1) 4 Woody Hayes highlights (5 if you include the punched camera guy from 1977)
2) 2 Earl Bruce highlights
3) 8 John Cooper highlights (including my personal favorite of the amazing 1993 Mercury Hayes catch. Michigan won that one 28-0)
4) 1 Jim Tressell highlight

Herringbone: Thanks, but my Mom kicked me out of the house years ago. By the way, congrats on spelling all the words correctly in your post !!! You must be one of those special buckeye fans that went to school at Miami of Ohio or Bowling Green.

el Kaiser said...

We noticed there were only a couple "highlights" from the past decade, so we'll help fill in the blanks.

Anonymous said...

I think that I saw John Navarre on the sidelines in one of those 1995 clips.

Herringbone said...


The fact that you are checking my spelling says a lot...and I dont mean that as a compliment "Captain OCD"

Normally, I am pretty good about the ribbing of the C-bus educational quality coming from the board, but when Bomb Shelter Andy starts putting together video clips that probably equated to 2-days of missed Everquest time and then mentions the educational standing of an OSU fan....that speaks volume my friend...

Anonymous said...

that makes me wanna puke

Anonymous said...

I am a Buckeye fan, and the video concept did make me chuckle, but could only make it through the first minute, fifty seconds. I have seen LOTR movies that were shorter. Whoever claims responsibility for that one must have forgotten that "shorter is sweeter." Something we all wish that the Sleepy Rappers would have considered.

Anonymous said...

Well history is written by the winners...or in this case, the Victors!


Like Andy said, congrats on your #1 ranking, and good luck until November.

Can't wait!

Andy said...

el Kaiser: Thanks for filling in the blanks for us. I am impressed with your reply video. A small suggestion would be for you to drop the play-by-play audio - it distracts me from enjoying the Dead Schembechlers.

One other thing -- I know that higher math may be a new concept in Ohio, but a decade is 10 years. There were plenty of clips & photos from the last 10 years (1996, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2003).

herringbone:Thanks for your concern with my time allocation. Don't worry about me though, I am doing just fine.

So which one is it ??? Miami or Bowling Green ?

TitleIX said...

Had to fix the band thing...
You needed this Andy my friend:

For those who couldn't pick out the words----

Liquidate Ohio State and turn the Buckeyes blue.
They breed a lot of cattle in Columbus,
It looks just like a zoo.

Knock them off their ivory towers,
Send them crawling into the showers,
Down with Ohio State,
It’s a no nothing party school.

They say the girls who go to O.S.U.,
Are husband hunting dames,
They dig the jocks who got the killer instinct,
Not the boys with brains.

At Columbus you’re way ahead,
With straight A’s in Physical Ed,
Down with Ohio State,
It’s a no nothing party school.

Bust your guts for Tressel,
Move your butts for Tressel,

Liquidate Ohio State and turn the Buckeyes blue,
They breed a lot of cattle in Columbus,
It looks just like a zoo. Rah! Rah! Rah!

Knock them off their ivory towers,
Send them crawling into the showers,
Down with Ohio State,
It’s a know nothing party schoooooooooool.

Anonymous said...

What are the qualifications to get into OSU? I think HerringBone couldn't get into A2, so he settled for a tier 3 school. Nice Video keep up the good work!

Andy said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Andy said...

Anon: That depends on your 40 time.

Keep in mind that tOSU is moving up on the national rankings of public universities. They have just cracked to Top 20. Nice. As a point of reference -- Michigan is #2 in the same list (behind Berkley)

If you are interested, you can apply online here

Anonymous said...

Wha wha wha, ohio state and their fans can't take crticism. But they sure can take drugs and money.