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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Bomar Update

As reported here on the MZone (and everywhere else), Rhett Bomar, Oklahoma's starting QB, was kicked off the Sooner squad last week for taking cash for a job he didn't work. This following a troubled offseason in which he was also arrested for underage drinking...twice.

Now, in our original post about Bomar's dismissal, we praised Bob Stoops for taking a tough stand and releasing his starting QB a month before the season. But in the words of Lee Corso...

"Not so fast my friend."

In the comments section of a follow-up post we did on the story, some folks from TexAgs.com told us about a thread on their board from January in which a poster allegedly had info about the story. Now, if you read the thread, you'll notice regulars on the site were highly skeptical about the guy and his posts. And after reading it myself, I can't say I blame them. It sounds...fishy. However, now, in hindsight, maybe he was onto something (although I - like others on the board at the time - still don't understand why he chose to air this bombshell info there).

In any event, if even remotely true, if some dude on a message board knew this info - no matter how he knew it - what does it say about the compliance or oversight at OU? And, if true (big if), I redact everything I wrote before about Stoops taking the bold action he did. If true, somebody should really look into the program if such major infractions are coming out seven months prior on rival message boards. If true, OU fans should be pissed that they were cheated out of a potentially special season by such cheating right out in the open.

Ah, that key word: if.

If, if, if.

More importantly, we here at the MZone have broken our own portion of the story. We wondered just what the hell Bomar was spending all this extra cash he was getting on. And, in these exclusive photos, we think we have figured it out.


Cool Hand Mike said...

Big fan of the Silver Bullet, huh.

HarryFreeloader said...

If you knew you had to face the Texas "D" in October and get "Bomared" again on national television, you'd get drunk and stay that way too.

Anonymous said...

seems like there was a thread on coach fran gettin` canned too.They must have a crystal ball in collie station

Burleyp said...

The aggies should know about this stuff. Toward the end of the Jackie Sherrill era, they were doing exactly the same thing, except it was not cleaning apartments in dallas instead of not selling cars in Norman. When the Dallas Morning News broke the story, the ags stonewalled and conducted one of their interminable "internal investigations", then concluded there had been no NCAA violation. Except the old fart who had been paying all these aggie players for nothing had his lifetime season tickets taken away, and probably lost his 12th man hat.

jeff said...

Bud Light presents, Real Men of Genius

Real men of Geniiuus

Today we salute you, Mr. OU Football Car Dealership Scandal Internet Whistleblower Guy

Mr. OU Football Car Dealership Scandal Internet Whistleblower Guy

Other internet posters make outrageous claims with absolutely no evidence. But you? You make outrageous claims with absolutely no evidence that are really true.

Cause you know stuff

You don't need to get your info from your best friend's cousin's sister's, nephew, that cleans the Fish Pond. You go straight to the source and bang the woman on the inside.

Tap that ass

Sure there are those that thought you were full of crap, and ridiculed you. But now? Now they worship the very ground you walk on.

Eat crow bitches

So Crack open a nice cold Bud Light, oh purveyor of truth and justice. Because all that whistleblowing must've made you mighty thirsty.

Mr. OU Football Car Dealership Scandal Internet Whistleblower Guy