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Friday, August 04, 2006

Bomar For Dollars

We at the MZone are truly sad that Rhett Bomar's been dismissed from the Oklahoma squad. Not because we're such big Sooner fans, but rather because he provided us with some great fodder over this long summer without college football. Whenever we had trouble finding material to post about, Bomar would come through for us, getting caught for underage drinking at a party or at an NBA game.

But now Bomar's gone and gotten booted from the Sooners. And unless we start covering the Arena League, we'll probably never hear from him again, no matter how many drunken incidents he's involved in.

So we leave you with one more piece of Bomar fun, and this time it's not even our doing. I have to say, this is some impressive Photoshopping. At least I think it's a result of Photoshop. After reading some of these stories about Bomar, I'm not sure.

Thanks to reader Lane for the pic which, after a little detective work, was done by "Ace" over at Hornfans.com. Here's the link.

UPDATE: According to a couple comments (backed up by links) left here, seems like folks on the Texags.com message board broke the story of Bomar taking cash 7 months ago. How pathetic is your team's compiance if it's all over a rivals message boards but you don't know shit about it?


Harryfreeloader said...

Hey, Bomar! Bite my...!


Mildred Pierce said...

Caught in the act live on ABC!


tdawg said...

You would drink and get into trouble to if your name was Rhett

ACE said...

Fark was originally posted here:


Anonymous said...

Aggies board broke this store 7 months ago... Stoops just learned about it.


Anonymous said...

Could someone do that for Troy Smith. I forgot he did the same freaking thing Bomar did(maybe to a lesser extent) but he still should not be starting for OSU and they should be on freaking probation! losers

Anonymous said...

BS Stoops just found out about it! He does freaking commercials for the Big Red Whatever car guy that paid Bomar and half the rest of Oklahoma! He did this to save the entire team from destruction.

burleyp said...

The aggies should know about this stuff. Toward the end of the Jackie Sherrill era, they were doing exactly the same thing, except it was not cleaning apartments in dallas instead of not selling cars in Norman. When the Dallas Morning News broke the story, the ags stonewalled and conducted one of their interminable "internal investigations", then concluded there had been no NCAA violation. Except the old fart who had been paying all these aggie players for nothing had his lifetime season tickets taken away, and probably lost his 12th man hat.