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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Bomar Booted

As mentioned above, Oklahoma QB Rhett "Get me a drink" Bomar was booted off the team yesterday after it was discovered he was getting paid for not doing any work at a local business, something OU players in the 70s and 80s used to call "Thursday."

Also kicked off the team for the same reason was Bomar's roommate, offensive lineman J.D. Quinn.

Even though the loss of the QB severely hampers Oklahoma, which was a top pick in many pre-season mags and sites, Sooner head coach Bob Stoops said, "I firmly believe that our program is stronger than any individual player and that a championship program cannot compromise its values."

While OU fans must be devastated today, in this win-at-all-costs era, where some coaches will put anybody on their team to get "W's," it's nice to see Stoops didn't just give Bomar a slap on the wrist or wait to see what he could get away with from the NCAA before meting out punishment. For that, he should be commended even if it causes fewer of those "Ws" this year.

Then again, after Bomar's two earlier drinking mishaps, maybe Stoops didn't have much choice. But call me an idealist, I want to believe he did it for the right reasons.


Anonymous said...

Must have dropped one hellacious shit! (When I pinch a big nasty it usually doesn't make me pass out or rip the toilet off the wall)

Scott Boswell said...

I stopped at a red light today despite no traffic or cops around. Do I get a blog entry too? I mean, I did the right thing and all...

Seriously, why all the love for Stoops on this? It was going to be found out by the NCAA since it's the SAME dealership that gave AD his car. The ou investigation was closed but the NCAA probe is still ongoing.

Isn't it odd that the dealership can produce a finance slip from a car that was never purchased in Dec. 2005 for AD to clear him...yet they have NO info on ou players being employed there since it was before the ownership changed? And, to boot, said dealership is the official auto provider of the ou athletic dept. Coincedence?

The funny thing is, I know for a FACT that AD, Rufus Alexander and their placekicker also worked at said dealership. (Friend of mine who lives in Moore works there) However, I do not know if they got the same deal.

The King said...

Boswell, that was an utterly moronic comparison. Stopping at a red light didn't in any way damage your life, did it? Even remotely? You didn't "do the right thing" despite it posing a threat to your quality of life, did you?

If you had badly damaged a parked car and left a note, THEN you'd have a soapbox to stand on while you idiotically and pretentiously compare yourself to a public figure we all know is held to a different set of standards.

Scott Boswell said...

But, it's the same principle isn't it?

When I was a lad, I accepted that if I did a bad thing the punishment would be FAR less severe if I took responsibility and fessed up instead of letting my parents find out on their own. And they ALWAYS found out. While honorable and commendable, it still didn't change the fact that I did a bad thing and desrved a punishment. So, Stoops admitted to the NCAA that bad things happened instead of letting them eventually find out and having the punishment much more severe.

I have questions on Bob Stoops knowledge. I posted it on the blog so that I don't have to hijack the comments section here: http://dallassportspowerhouse.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

OU's athletic department is ALREADY on probation for major violations in multiple programs...and the NCAA does not view major violations from programs under probation with a friendly eye.

Stoops and OU simply acted to avoid the NCAA coming around and dropping a major bomb on their football program.

Further, its amazing that OU's compliance team HAD NO CLUE that their STARTING QB (aka the savior for the future) was working at Big Red and taking cash under the table. Unbelieveable.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this the same thing Troy Smith got busted for and was only issued a slap on the wrist.

cottoncandy said...

anon 11:42, Smith got caught taking $500 cash. Small potatoes compared to the cash all these guys, at Oklahoma, Ohio State and Michigan really get. College fb players always have gotten cash, always will.

But, they go on salary and you are talking 5 figures, that's when the NCAA really gets pissed.