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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

BCS Result: Pot Princess Gets Smoked

The people have spoken: In the latest BCS - Blog Co-ed Showdown - a minor upset as the #9 seed, Happy Valley Girl, took down our #8 seed, the NYU Pot Princess and her photoshopped ass. I actually thought this one would be closer but it was approximately 71% to 29% in favor of the PSU girl with the frustratingly strategically placed football.

However, this Nittany Lion's victory celebration may be short-lived as she next faces our #1 seed, the ASU cheerleader-turned-porn star.

That leaves us one more first round match-up and we think we've found our two competitors. Hopefully we'll have this damn thing done by the start of the 2008 season.

Click here for larger view.


Matt said...

You need to set up a directory of all the contestants so we can read their stories when it comes voting time. Also, this stuff is absolutely hilarious, so a link on the main page would be justified.

Beban said...

This is like Texas vs. USC. We'll all just sit and wait for the inevitable Barbie vs. Cowgirl BCS title match.

Allaha said...

Not so fast, Danny Boy.

Yost, although it is unseemly to beg, I think we all agree that begging is justified when hot pseudo-twins (and/or hot pseudo-mother-daughters) are involved. In honor of every guy who ever wrote a letter beginning "I never believed the stories in your magazine until . . ." I beg you to place the two blondes from Texas in this competition.

Anonymous said...

When was the 5-12 matchup I missed that one?