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Friday, August 25, 2006

'Bama Engineering Degree

I'm horrified and yet impressed all at the same time.

And folks, we swear we didn't Photoshop this classic. It was sent in by reader TB who tells us the pix were taken recently by his little sister in a town called Scottsboro, AL.

Wow. We're still speechless.

Click here, here and here for larger images.

P.S. Note the Pi Kappa Phi sticker as well. They must be so proud.


Allaha said...

Props to US engineeing and ingenuity: you would not see anything like this in Japan (even if it is a Japenese truck). . . . You can almost hear the guy, in a thick drawl, saying "Factory install? We don't need no stinkin' factory install."

Doug said...

We are nothing if not resourceful down here. The thing is, we can wip up a window-unit system for a Nissan pickup in no time flat, yet it still took more than a week for my landlord to get around to replacing the busted unit in my apartment.

Anonymous said...

Did you misspell trailer?

clemsontiger said...

And I thought they were nothing but a bunch of brainless, cousin-humping, sheep-loving inbred 'tards down there.

Nico said...

Some kind soul from Scottsboro, Alabama who is only two letters away from having my exact name mailed me my four Alabama tickets that were mistakenly sent to him. Apparently the citizens of Scottsboro are honest and resourceful.

Todd Jones said...

Clemsontiger - there's a kettle somewhere you should be calling black.

Anonymous IV said...

I wonder how much he pays for gas?

ososdeoro said...

Pardon my ignorance...but is that AC or a swamp cooler?

War Eagle In Fla said...

who needs a trailer when you have the bed of a truck, complete with a bucket outhouse

and what kind of toothless, mullet-donning, sister-humping bammer drives a non-american truck? that's blasphemy right on par with comparing the Bahr to anything less than almighty god.

War Eagle and Go Blue!

usctrojan78 said...

Why do I get the feeling the owners name is geech or cletus? and when asked why he would reply, "I dun it on account of my smell hound gettin the prickley heat."

kwajtiger said...

W.E. in Fla,

I believe I found the owner of the truck. There are a lot of lakes near Scottsboro....



kwajtiger said...

.html after bamabassboat

Cool Hand Mike said...

Bet it' cold as a sum bitch in there.


Anonymous said...

I sent these pictures to a friend of mine from Scottsboro. He confirms they were taken in the "Boro" and he even knows the guy that took the picture.