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Monday, July 31, 2006

Why We Miss College Football

Showing a much better side of Texas than the deposition above, saw this on Burnt Orange Nation and we'd be derelict in our duty if we didn't share it with our readers.

Peter, who runs BON, claims he came across this picture when he Googled "Longhorns tailgate." But as one of his readers said in the comment section, "You must have accidentally typed in 'Longhorns tail.'"

P.S. Not that we didn't trust Peter, but we Googled it as well and indeed find this picture. Very impressive, 'Horns. Very impressive. Trust me, you don't get pictures like this when you Google "Michigan tailgate."

Benny, when are we gonna roadtrip to Austin? I'm just sayin'.


Anonymous said...

wow...is that a mother/daughter pair?

sure looks like it.

as any horny guy knows, always go for the MILF in a situation like this!

Man, I feel sorry for the daughter. The 30-something woman blows her child away! Kinda like what I notice at supermarkets during summer...the MILFs are better than their offspring!

MILFs rule!!!

USC for life...FIGHT ON!

Anonymous said...

Mother Daughter get youreyes checked. The girl on the left is about a 9 and the one on the right is bout a 14.

Cool Hand Mike said...

giddy up

Andy said...

Example #1 why I moved to Austin...

Anonymous said...

No way is that a mother/daughter. Gotta be sisters. However, if either of them wants to be a mother I'm sure I could arrange that in about 2 minutes.

Jeff said...

Under google image, simply type: Clemson

(NSFW, but hopefully it shouldn't work at the office)

Anonymous said...

I've got safe search off and googled clemson. Nothing. Don't disappoint me again.

tdawg said...

Check out Arizona State


Anonymous said...

I believe I saw those two when Texas beat the best college football team ever.HOOKEM

Anonymous said...

To each their own.

I like the one on the left!

Erik said...

anon, I think you're confused. The one on the left is the one without the hat...and the globes.

BaggyPantsDevil said...

As frustratingly painful as Michigan's loss to Texas in the 2005 Rose Bowl was, the combination of Vince Young's otherworldly skills, the chap-wearing Texas Pom Squad, and these two just keep me from hating Texas.