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Monday, July 31, 2006

Weekend Quick Hitters

Many times, we simply can't get around to all the good reader tips and suggestions sent our way during the week. So, while I had a few minutes this weekend, wanted to pass on some things we received recently. Enjoy.

* Eddie Van Halen has some new music "coming" out but, unless you're 18+, you won't be able to "listen" to it. Turns out ol' Ed is writing and and performing two songs for a porn flick called "Sacred Sin." According to the story, VH is friends with the director whom he calls "like a Spielberg."

Uh, yeah, right. I guess Eddie's pal must have directed "Schindler's Fist" or "Jurrasic Pork."

(HT: The Wiz)

* The Wiz also tipped us off to a great Slate article about the bullshit vote in Congress to ban Internet gambling...while making exceptions for online betting on horse racing and state lotteries due to their influential lobbyists.

* Is Michael Vick getting baked? You be the judge.

(HT: Deadspin as well as getting a heads-up from MZone reader Mike)

* In a salute to sarcasm at its finest, MZone reader Fritz sends us a dandy. The letter linked here was sent by an Aggie fan to Big 12 Commish Kevin Weiberg in response to his decision to force schools to move their bands from behind the visitors' bench starting in 2007.

* Given the love of Tosu fans for the word "fuck" (and more specifically, "Fuck Michigan!), MZone reader DarbyDog sends us this article by someone at the Tosu College of Law about the legal implications of the word "fuck." Naturally, being from Columbus, the professor had a lot of research data to work with.

* Finally, in response to a request for a YouTube clip of the Bucks tearing down Michigan's M Club banner in '73, our friend Andy hooked us up with the clip below. Benny is still trying to grab the Ufer audio so we can add that and even shorten it a bit. But this shows what happened.


Anonymous said...

Regarding Vick the "blunt" in his hand looks like it has a lighter brown tip. Such of that it could be the mouth piece from a black and mild. Or he could just be enjoying a backwoods cigar that look very similar to a blunt. Anyways you would think with his salary the blunt would be much larger and there would be a considerable amount of haze in the photo. No comment on the cold sore.

Anonymous said...

I have the entire Ufer 1973 audio from when the Luckeyes tore down the M Club banner. Let me know if you'd like to use it.

Earle Smith

Aram said...

I have the audio here on my Umich webspace:


Enjoy. It's from the LP recording "Ufer of Michigan 1969-1976"

Brad said...

Got to love the legal paper. The title? "Fuck".

I think I'm a case study for this dissertation when my alarm goes off every work morning.