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Monday, July 17, 2006

Too Cool Not To Post

MZone reader Frias sent us a link to Andrew Sullivan's blog that has one of the most incredible YouTube clips we've come across.


Art Schlichter's Bookie said...

Holy Crap! That should have ended badly in about 100 or so other ways than it did, involving any mangled combination of a bicyclist, a family, and about 15-20 cars if you count the pileup that would have ensued. The scary part is the driver was so fucked up on whatever that he didn't even react or slow down at all, which somehow saved everybody. Great reaction by the SUV driver who slammed on his breaks to avoid getting T-boned as well.

Blind luck, the work of about 50 guardian angels, or an act of God Himself? You guys decide, I'm baffled.

Anonymous said...

That clip reminded me of Frogger...

Cool Hand Mike said...

Wait just a damn minute. Was that Mo C in that car?

Anonymous said...

I shat myself just watching it...I can't imagine actually BEING there. JC!!

Anonymous said...

that was amazing.... 1:1,000,000.... and that they got it on camera!

Anonymous said...

Was that Charlie Woodson in the back seat of that car, refusing to get out?

Anonymous said...

Not impressed. I do that at least twice a week.