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Saturday, July 29, 2006

To our readers...

Just a quick note of thanks. You guys (and ladies) have been sending us some great stuff lately and we just wanted to say we really appreciate it.

We hope you get as many laughs from this site as we get from your emails and comments.

Thanks for reading.

The MZone Gang


Anonymous said...

this is a good article to post this, how do we send stuff in? i cant find an email address on here anywhere!

Yost said...


Upper right hand corner under the "M Zone" logo in the text. Just insert the "@" and the "." in the appropriate places.

masked avenger said...

I don't see the darn thing either, is this a Firefox issue?

masked avenger said...

Three trips later I found it (no I am not drunk - just blind).

Anonymous said...

Quick idea for a funny article:

Apparently, Brady Quinn's sister and AJ Hawk got married.

You can say they 'tied the knot'.

If you throw in the picture of AJ Hawk's underwhelming 'presence' in his underarmour gear, plus a reference to the trick chicks like to do with a cherry stem (i.e. tying a knot in their mouth), I'm sure you could have a field day...something along the lines of Quinn has been practicing for this moment all her life...typically when AJ needs oral relief. Something like that.